How to Make Felt Flower Brooches

These lovely brooches can be worn on clothes, hats or in your hair. Or you could use the flowers to adorne cushions, canvases or as a detail on a blanket.
Felt & Bead Flower Brooches

What you need to make felt flower brooches:

  • A cereal box (or other moderately thick card)
  • Felt pieces in colours you love and want to work with. For projects like this, it can be cheaper to by felt by the meter rather than the little sqaure craft sheets.
  • A brooch pin (large)
  • Needle & thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small beads that complement your felt colour choice


How to make the flowers:

  • Cut 5 small circles of felt.
  • Fold them and pinch one end.
  • Thread a needle and sew the the discs together, each at the pinched end. (I have tried doing this with glue, it just doesn’t work as well)
  • You may want to tread back through the middle of the flower you have created and sew in a bead.
  • You may need to keep fluffing the flowers out a little to you get the right look.
  • Keep making flowers until you have enough for your particular project.

How to make the felt flower brooch:

  • Cut two pieces of felt into a comma shape (or whatever shape you like really)
  • Cut a piece of cardboard (a cereal box does nicely) into the same shape, but about 5mm thinner on all sides.
  • Arrange your flowers so that you think they look awesome
  • Then sew onto one piece of the felt. You can use the thread to create different countours.
  • You might also like to sew on leaves. Make the leaves by cutting a leaf shape from the felt, pinching one end and sewing it on.
  • Sew the brooch back onto the other comma shaped piece of felt – making sure that when the two are glued together the brooch pin faces the right way!
  • Hot glue gun the cardboard on to the piece of felt with the brooch back.
  • Hot glue gun the felt with the flowers on to the top – taking care to glue around the very edge so that it stays together neatly. You might like to blanket stitch instead.
  • Trim away any excess felt.
  • Wear and enjoy the compliments or wrap up and give to a friend for Christmas.

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There are loads of other ideas and techniques for felt flowers on Pinterest. I think these could also look quite pretty in Christmassy colours on a wreath.

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