A Hand-Made Christmas Round Up

It’s a steamy day in Brisbane and the kids and I have just finished putting up the tree. It’s the kind that looked magnificent in the warehouse but just, just fits in our house. I used to have major Christmas tree OCD, but I have let that go this year. The end result being a tree full to the brim of decorations and no perceptible theme aside from unbridled joy. Now to place the hand-made Christmas presents under said tree.

A Hand-Made Christmas Round UpThis Christmas I am all about locally sourced and hand-made presents. Many of my incredibly talented online friends are thinking similarly, and I wanted to share with you some of their amazing ideas for hand-made presents. Read more

A hand-made, home-grown Christmas: this month’s challenge

November. How did that happen? As it does every year I guess. Every year I feign surprise over its arrival – speculating that it’s come more quickly this year. No doubt November shakes his head and thinks “there are exactly the same number of days in October as there were last year, and the year before, and the year before that – why are you people always so surprised to see me?
Home made Christmas
November means Melbourne cup and fancy dresses. It means the promise of holidays. It means long, hot days are coming. It means I had better start to get organised for Christmas.

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