31 Days. 31 Frocks. 31 Ways. Frocktober.

You know what I think I love most about spring? Dresses. I could say it’s all about the sunshine, the freshly mown grass, the budding blooms and the promises of new life but I am siding with the dresses.

Next month dresses are all I will be wearing. For a reason. Frocktober raises money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer.

Unlike many other cancers there is no early detection test. Consequently ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in its late stages and only 20%-30% of women will survive beyond five years of diagnosis. In comparison, survival rates increase to 80-100% when ovarian cancer is detected and treated early.
(source: Frocktober everydayhero page)   

That sounds to me like a really good reason to fund research for an early detection test and to bring awareness to a cancer we don’t talk about all that much.  AND it’s fun to wear dresses all the time.

Last year, I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I didn’t need to re-wear any dresses. A recent dress re-count of my wardrobe and I could probably extend Frocktober well into Frockvember and still have a few unworn pieces. But I know not everyone is quite as dress-obsessed, makes their own clothes or has a spare downstairs wardrobe. So I put together some inspiration on how to wear dresses for thirty-one days straight.

How to wear frocks

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