Shop What You Got – the story so far

This month I have committed to wearing only 30 items, 30 different ways as part of Jo at iCurvy’s Shop What You Got challenge. The idea being that reducing my wardrobe to a capsule collection should a) make it easier to get dressed in the morning and b) prove to myself that I really don’t need any more clothes – or most of the ones I already own for that matter.

It’s also an exercise in creativity once the usual suspects have done their rotation and I need to mix and match in new ways.


Here’s how it’s gone so far. 

You know how you tend to only wear a small percentage of your wardrobe? Well, even when I reduced my wardrobe down to thirty, certain items just remained in high rotation. There must be some science of percentages going on here. I have barely been out of my shorts. This may also have something to do with Brisbane getting all summery.

Shorts, shorts and more shorts

Shorts, shorts and more shorts – mostly Glassons

I quite like changing up the way I wear things – so I looked at my kimono and saw no reason not to wear it backwards. And I was pretty happy with the results….


Wearing things the right way around is merely a suggestion

If you are going to be serious about this capsule wardrobe thing, I think pieces need to work double duty. This button down top from Witchery fits that bill nicely. It can be worn buttoned up and long, tucked in, wrapped around, worn unbuttoned as a vest and worn tied at the front. I haven’t worn the latter two yet, but I will. Hell, I may even wear it backwards.


Gotta love a piece with a bit of versatility.

The other (entirely optional) part of shop what you got is not to buy any clothes all month, as the challenge clearly demonstrates that you have enough. But then off-the-shoulder happened. Have you seen all the beautiful off shoulder stuff in the stores at the moment? I couldn’t resist. Then a mum at school had these great trousers on, which I assumed were Seed, and she told me they were Target. I couldn’t resist. An official invite to a very stylish lunch landed in my inbox and it seemed imperative that I buy something for that. So that part of the challenge I have pretty much, completely failed.

Maybe no-buy January needs to be on the cards? Oh wait, the sales are pretty good at that time of the year aren’t they?

Arrow 2

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Controlled spending habits?



10 thoughts on “Shop What You Got – the story so far

  1. The Hipsterette says:

    Robyna, I think you have done really well – congrats! I like the way you have styled yours shorts – usually with a longer sleeve top which is très chic and très hip in my book. I know what you mean about the ‘off-the-shoulder’ look – so lovely, so cool, and so appropriate for the weather we are having right now. In the words of the great contemporary artist, Kathy Holzer “a sincere effort is all you can ask for” and you have certainly done that shopping what you’ve got!

    • Robyna says:

      Oh thanks Inese – I love a long sleeve and a shorter lower half. Dresses with that cute make me swoon! Off shoulder, long sleeves and a short skirt and I am pretty much in love.

    • Robyna says:

      I think an afternoon, maybe accompanied by a bottle of wine and good friend, to go through and just try different combinations is time well spent. Well, it should save you a bit of money buying new stuff in any case!

  2. Grace says:

    Oh, what a great idea with the kimono! Totally love what you did! I need a challenge like this. My wardrobe is overflowing and while there’s a stack I need to throw out I know theres just as much I can recycle.
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