The REAL story behind my coffee addiction

From mid-September to mid-October I gave up coffee. You can read about how that went here. It was an interesting month. There were things that I expected – fatigue, irritability, head-aches. But there were quite a few things that I did not foresee. I chatted to Karina Francois, naturopath and author, about what happens when our bodies and minds are addicted to caffeine and what happens when you give those things up. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Please note that the below is not intended to be used as medical advice. If you have any health concerns, please see your health professional and never rely solely on the internet for your information.

Coffe Addiction - What it really means

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The weight of life – reflections on Paris

There is a myth that the human soul weighs 21 grams. That there is shift in weight between life and death and proof that we are more than flesh and bone. I have had personal cause to consider the weight of life, the imprint left when someone loved suddenly leaves. Wanted desperately to feel that weight. For the world to feel that weight. When my newborn son died the impact on me and those around me was immense. But to the rest of the world, they only lost a promise. A whisper of what could have been.

As Paris grieves a day of tragedy and violence, I wonder once again at the differing weight of lives. To those that lost loved ones, their grief will be acute and unrelenting. Long after the news ceases its coverage, the gaping hole in their lives will remain irreparable. They carry that weight forever. For the rest of us, watching in horror and disbelief, the grief and outrage is different and potentially fleeting. It feels heavy right now but life will lighten the burden until the next tragedy weighs upon our minds. Read more

Reflections on high school


Reflections on High SchoolI remember feeling ostracised and lonely at my all girls high school. But when I look back, there was no reason for me to feel that way. I had a group of supportive girlfriends and one particular tight-knit friendship. I might have felt on the outer, because every teenage girl feels that way sometimes, but it wasn’t my true orientation. I never ate my lunch alone. I never dreaded going to school. I never begged my parents to send me somewhere else. Any dramas were completely internal and of my own making. Is there anything a teenage girl seeks more voraciously than drama?

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The Real Housewives of Peppa Pig

If you have nothing but a passing knowledge of Peppa Pig, then this post will make no sense to you. And you will suspect I am slightly unhinged. If your child has only a moderate interest in the antics of the pig family this will make moderate sense. And you will presume I am moderately unhinged. If your child is obsessed with Peppa Pig then you will be as unhinged as I am. And this will make perfect sense.

If you’d rather Peppa Pig remain unsullied, maybe check out this post about an imagined episode of Offspring instead.

The real housewives of Peppa Pig

You see, I have my suspicions that things aren’t quite as rosy in Peppa Pig town as we are lead to believe. I think all that jumping in muddy puddles and (literal) ROFL is masking darker truths.  Read more

Shop What You Got 2015 – My Edit

Every year Jo from iCurvyWorld hosts Shop What You Got – an online fashion challenge. The idea is you edit your wardrobe down to 30 pieces (including shoes) and only wear those pieces for a month, creating a different outfit each day.

I did it last year and loved the idea of making my clothes work a bit harder as well as coming up with new combinations. Last year I cheated and didn’t include shoes in my total. This year, I am going hardcore and not only including shoes, but I am not even going to declare my Melbourne Cup dress as an exception. I will declare two pairs of dress shoes as exceptions though (a girl has her limits.)

This is my edit…

Shop What You Got 2015

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