DIY Beaded Collar and a tale of broken things

I had two broken things. My husband’s old white business shirt. Frayed, thread-bare and ready for the rag bin. An old necklace, long ago tugged on by a baby and left in heap of forgotten yellow beads. Two broken things and an idea.

I have always loved false collars. There’s something a little rebellious, a little geeky and a little nostalgic about them. What a lovely alchemy to bring broken things back to life.
how to make a beaded collar

DIY Beaded Collar

You will need:

  • An old men’s shirt (the shirt needs to be old, not the man)
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Needle and thread
  • A little bit of time (maybe watch something good on the telly while you stitch)

how to make a beaded collar

How to make it:

  1. Cut the collar away from the shirt, making sure that you stay close to the edge to avoid stray fraying. I found it easiest to cut first and then trim.
    how to make a beaded collar
  2. Arrange the beads in a way that looks lovely. It helps to try the collar on first, just so that you can see where the beads will actually sit. You can either free-wheel, or trace a light pattern with a lead pencil first.
    how to make a beaded collar
  3. Get stitching.
    how to make a beaded collar
  4. Wear your new creation and look all kinds of awesome.
    how to make a beaded collar

How to wear it 

A beaded collar looks particular cute peeking out from a black turtleneck sweater or a dress with a high round neckline. Or you can use it dress up an existing collar – just tuck the existing one under the neckline. A stand alone collar can look very sweet on barer skin with a t-shirt. Just keep in mind it’s quite the statement piece, so keep your earrings minimal.

If you want some inspiration for both creating a beaded collar and wearing one, check out my Pinterest board: Fashion: How to wear a false collar.

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Have you done any fashion up-cycling recently?
Do you love a false collar?

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  1. Edie says:

    This is really sweet Robyna and could look amazing with a cute black dress. I love the colours of the beads. What a lovely project, thanks for sharing xx

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