The Party Kit

The Party Kit

It’s that time of year where the invites start rolling in and texts are flying about finding “a good time to catch up before year end”. I love it. I love the catching up and the excuses to dress up. I love the rare opportunity to forget about being “mum” for the evening and just have fun.

But all that partying can take its toll on a girl who doesn’t party with any regularity during the year.

Because I’m not party fit, I have a party kit. A few pre-packed things in a cute little bag to help me through the season. 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Dan Murphy’s Pure Wine Preservative Free Wine Drops – you pop a few drops into your wine and it reduces the allergy inducing preservatives. I actually discovered this little miracle via the champagne cartel girls. I sometimes have a headache after a few wines. But not when I use this.
  • Berocca. Look it’s great the morning after but it also works as a little wake-up boost before a night out. Because I’m a nanna who normally goes to bed at 9pm.
  • Tiny perfume atomiser or perfume sample. Just for a sneaky spritz.
  • Lipstick and mascara. A quick lick of both always makes me feel party-ready.
  • Small pack of baby wipes. Got lippy or foundation on your white shirt? No worries when you can wipe it away.
  • Tiny nail polish bottle. Mine always seems to chip just before a night out.
  • Scholl party feet. Those gel cushions for the balls of the feet make dancing the night away so much more comfortable. You can get them at most chemists. I’ve also been known to pack ballet flats for the ride home.
  • Safety pins. The saviour of broken zips, loose hems and gaping tops. Also useful for keep OTS tops and dresses in place when you use this great hack …
  • A pair of inexpensive but gorgeous statement earrings. Just in case you need to glam-up quick.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it can all pack into a a neat little bag. And let’s face it – the mums amongst us rarely travel light.
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Do you have some essential party girl tips for those out of practice?

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