The Real Housewives of Peppa Pig

If you have nothing but a passing knowledge of Peppa Pig, then this post will make no sense to you. And you will suspect I am slightly unhinged. If your child has only a moderate interest in the antics of the pig family this will make moderate sense. And you will presume I am moderately unhinged. If your child is obsessed with Peppa Pig then you will be as unhinged as I am. And this will make perfect sense.

If you’d rather Peppa Pig remain unsullied, maybe check out this post about an imagined episode of Offspring instead.

The real housewives of Peppa Pig

You see, I have my suspicions that things aren’t quite as rosy in Peppa Pig town as we are lead to believe. I think all that jumping in muddy puddles and (literal) ROFL is masking darker truths.  Read more