Craft for the Soul: A Book Review

Craft for the Soul

Pip’s gorgeous book, Craft for the Soul, defies pidgeon-holing. It’s not a craft project book, although it contains beautiful things to create. It’s not a recipe book, despite being filled with yummy food. It’s not a self-help book, but it is filled with excellent, practical advice on living a creative and inspired life.

Perhaps rather than trying to allocate the book an ISBN, I should tell you about how it feels.  It feels like a cosy chat with a wonderful friend. Someone wise and generous with their ideas and experience. Pip’s book is filled with realistic advice delivered in her cheery voice. She doesn’t pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows but she does encourage a positive attitude. More than that, she gives you ways to make that kind of life happen.  Read more

Unlock your Style: A book review & a story

Unlock Your Style - A Book Review

A few years back my dear friend spent a day with a stylist. She was pampered with new hair, fresh makeup, a wardrobe audit and advice. I was very curious, and yes, just a wee bit jealous.  My friend loved her experience and her hot new outfits but one morning with a stylist didn’t fundamentally change her style.

The idea of transformation or the revelation of our best selves is an alluring one. Read more