How to re-purpose corporate clothes

Once upon a time there lived a woman. She worked in a fairy-tale land know as the “city”. Everyday she would put on her corporate clothes and head into the city. The people would bustle with self-importance and she would bustle along with them in her high, high heels. In the city she was able to drink hot coffee and have long conversations with adults.

Then the woman had children. Her wardrobe full of suits, pencil skirts, sharply-cut jackets, tailored shirts and cute blouses languished. Instead, she donned jeans and shorts and clothes suitable for playing with two young boys. Then the woman realised, she could still wear so many of her corporate things in her new life. She just had to put a different spin on them. Alas, the woman has yet to figure to how to drink her coffee hot or have long and meaningful conversations with her two year old (that aren’t entirely one-sided).

how to turn you corporate wardrobe into a casual one

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