Manners. Please.

manners. please

Each generation bemoans a lack of manners and respect in the next. I think it’s been that way since Adam was a boy. Parents of young kids are a constant, easy target for those that have forgotten just hard it is. Or never had anything to do with bringing up kids in the first place.

But you know what would make it a little easier? If the people levelling the charges showed some good manners themselves. Read more

The universe doesn’t owe me a thing (and that’s okay)

You don't owe me

Entitlement. “The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” It’s a popular word at the moment. Usually used with reference to young people expecting their dreams to materialise by way of glittery unicorn, rather than hard work. Or as a warning to indulgent parents. Don’t give your children so much else they expect life to be as generous.

But my experience is that a sense of entitlement is not the sole terrain of a much-maligned generation. People of all ages expect the universe will deliver them a happy ending. Particularly when they feel the universe has already been unkind. Read more