What to buy in the sales

What to buy and avoid in the sales

I’ll be heading into the fray and checking out the sales today. I never go on Boxing Day or near thereafter. Partly because I prefer to lazily recover from Christmas. Partly because more extensive mark downs happen later in any case.

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90s: How to wear it the second time around

A few things lately have made me feel a bit old. The laugh lines don’t immediately disappear after I smile. The other night I left a concert early because it was too loud. Things I wore in my late teens are apparently back in style.

how to wear it the second time around

This winter sees the 90s back in a big way. Which is strange, because I actually remember living through the 90s and thinking that the decade had no discernibly different style from any other era. But it only takes a few re-runs of Friends and a second viewing of Reality Bites to realise there was definitely a 90s vibe going.

But how do you wear it when you saw it come in the first time?

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