September Challenge – Our Experience

 chatting about the challenge

We are all about being brave, being real and expanding our comfort zone, so this week we videoed our experience of the September Before Kids | After Kids challenge.  

You can check out our chat here:
(or you can fast forward to 4:46 for some serious cute)

In short, we both found the challenge a useful way to hone in on the things we want to bring back into our lives.

Sarah is concentrating on health and fitness, getting out and about more and feeling more like a woman, less like a mum.

Robyna is concentrating on more romance, bring the music back into her life and looking at some new ways to earn an income and feel more independent.

Missed the challenge?  You can still play along – September Challenge

Big thanks to Robyna’s delightful sister and the lovely Mr G who made our YouTube debut possible.

What things are you committing to bringing back into your After Kids life?

3 thoughts on “September Challenge – Our Experience

  1. Cooker and a Looker says:

    Loved the interview. Is it weird that I want to use the word brave to describe having such an open conversation on the internet? Looking forward to the October challenge and to more of those adorable baby bloggers!

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