Flirty Fashion Under $30 – The “I Made It” Edition

So how is your credit card doing? Mine is still hungover after a huge splurge and demanding greasy breakfasts (at home – too skint to go out). The spending was lots of fun at the time but I am kind of glad I only do it once a year. BUT I still want something cute and new for New Years Eve, even if it is a casual BBQ with friends. I am a bit greedy like that. What’s a girl to do?

Flirty Fashion Under 30

Along with fellow fashionistas, mums and broke people after Christmas, Andrea of Icadoo and Bron of Flat Bum Mum, I set myself the challenge of creating an outfit within a $30 budget. If you feel like playing along, tag #30FlirtyFashion on insta. So keen to see what you come up with!

I am in love with all things off shoulder at the moment, so I thought I’d whip myself up a new dress (as you do). Sewing things is not always the cheapest option but I do like that I can get exactly what I want. Or at least try to get exactly what I want depending if the sewing Goddesses smile on me that day.

Off Shoulder

My gorgeous friend gave me a stack of vintage patterns that her mum no longer wanted. Last time off the shoulder peasant blouses were super huge was some time in the late eighties and Butterick came to the party. The eighties versions were a bit more ruffle-y so I used this pattern (A) as a base and altered a bit. I didn’t use elastic in the sleeves, I omitted the ruffles and extended the top into a dress.

Make It

I picked up some cute striped chambray at Spotlight for $20. Only issue being everyone else thought it was really cute too and there was barely a meter left on the roll. This resulted in some pattern piece juggling, a seam where I didn’t really want one and a very short dress that needed to be trimmed with some lace. The sewing Goddesses were smiling on me and I have to say, I LOVE it with the lace trim. The lace cost me $5 so I was still within budget. (Hint for Brisbanites: Trads Liquidation at Cannon Hill has the BEST lace for outstanding prices)

Flirty Thirty

For me sewing is a process. It goes a bit like this: Select pattern and fabric (all the fun!) Cut out paper pattern pieces (oh this bit is a bit boring). Pin pieces to fabric and cut out (Try to keep it neat! Don’t rush! Straight grain IS important!) Figure out how pieces go together. Forget how to set a sleeve. Finally resort to reading instructions. Instructions make no sense. Remember how to set sleeve and/or ring mum. Sew (love the meditative whir of the machine). If it’s all coming together nicely, I consider myself a true diva and consider a late change career as fashion designer. If it’s turning into one hot mess, I swear a bit, abandon ship, try not to think about how much the material cost and vow to make a cushion cover out of the remnants (I never do).

Thankfully I did not have to abandon ship or consider cushion covers. I am so happy with how this turned out. It’s a really easy pattern (once you remember how to set a sleeve) and very quick to make. If you don’t have a paper pattern on hand, this tutorial might help.

All up the fabric and lace cost me $25 and I already had the pattern, thread and elastic. The dress took about an hour to cut and sew.

I LOVE what I have ended up with and I think this dress will be on high rotation this summer. They say the legs and the shoulders are the last to go, so I’m showing off both while I can.

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So what did the other girls get up to?

Icadoo 30 FlirtyFashionAndrea from Icadoo hit the chain stores for her gorgeous look and you
can read more here.

Flat Bum Mum 30 FlirtyFashionBron from Flat Bum Mum scored during the sales and created this beautiful outfit.
Read how she did it here.

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Want to play along? We’d love you to.

#30FlirtyFashion Style Challenge (1)


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How would you create an outfit for under $30?
Do you sew? Do the sewing Goddesses smile on you?

12 thoughts on “Flirty Fashion Under $30 – The “I Made It” Edition

  1. Flat Bum Mum says:

    That dress is incredible Robyna! I am almost tempted to break out the Janome myself. Great work to all of us managing to stick to the budget and look fabulous too! Bron x

  2. Karen Suzanne | Style Loving 2 says:

    Can I pay you to make me this dress! This is gorgeous and right on trend, it makes me want to pull out the sewing machine and schedule a trip to Spotlight.
    A long one with a belt would look amazing.
    If I get past my procrastination and actually make one I will let you know.
    Karen Suzanne | Style Loving 2 recently posted…nostalgicMy Profile

  3. Lisa says:

    Well done Robyna, my sewing skills are limited to say the least, which is embarrassing especially I come from a long line of sewing/crafty peeps. Love the lace detail x

    • Robyna says:

      So happy that I ended up having to buy the lace for the length. It really makes the dress. This is an easy project if you feel like getting into it 🙂

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