In defence of clutter

 in defence of clutter

During the past few weeks the kerbs in our neighbourhood have been piled high with an assortment of unwanted junk. It’s the days of kerbside collection and slow ute drive-bys. I was tempted by a few items on those piles. Wicker bed heads crying out to be re-purposed. Chairs that could be comfy again with some new upholstery. All the discarded prams, grubby but otherwise perfectly functional. Abandoned, tiny, little bikes with owners that had outgrown them. Hundreds of dollars once spent and now forgotten. I felt a keen sense of wanting to rescue all these things. Then I remembered that my time was limited and anything gleaned from the roadside would probably end up in next year’s kerbside collection.

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How to shop for winter when it’s still really hot

The shops are full of lovely winter-y things right now. Jackets and boots and cosy knits. But they aren’t appealing to me. The fact is I’m more likely to be sporting shorts and thongs than I am jeans and boots right now. Winter doesn’t arrive in earnest in Brisbane until quite late in the season. By which time the shops are stocking sandals and summer kaftans. Go figure.

How to shop winter when its really hot out

This craziness means is that if you do want to update your winter wardrobe, you kind of have to do it while it’s still hot out. Here are some ways to get yourself in the mood and shop for the cosy when it’s still bikini weather.

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Big Magic & Little Interruptions: Elizabeth Gilbert live

Have you ever felt so frustrated by something that you have breached etiquette and societal norms to voice your opinion? It happened the other night. Not by me. By another woman. Myself, a few hundred women and three men were lucky enough to get tickets to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak last Thursday. We expected her to talk about Big Magic, about creativity, about the mysterious spark of ideas and I suppose we all wanted to go away a little inspired.

big magic little interruptions

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