How to shop for winter when it’s still really hot

The shops are full of lovely winter-y things right now. Jackets and boots and cosy knits. But they aren’t appealing to me. The fact is I’m more likely to be sporting shorts and thongs than I am jeans and boots right now. Winter doesn’t arrive in earnest in Brisbane until quite late in the season. By which time the shops are stocking sandals and summer kaftans. Go figure.

How to shop winter when its really hot out

This craziness means is that if you do want to update your winter wardrobe, you kind of have to do it while it’s still hot out. Here are some ways to get yourself in the mood and shop for the cosy when it’s still bikini weather.

Get in the mood

Crank up that air conditioning and get inspired by what’s coming up in Winter fashion.

The fabulous thing about modern fashion is that every season sees a broad range of trends, which means you can pick and choose what suits you. French Vogue has a comprehensive wrap up of trends for Winter 15/16.

Out of those twenty or so trends, I am loving tassels on boots and bags and (faux) fur linings — a continuation of the tribal theme we saw during summer. The folksy vibe also continues with winter boho firmly on my radar. I’ll make or buy a long sleeved maxi in a floral print. I’ll also be looking for a subtle way to incorporate velvet. I’m thinking maybe a lush maxi skirt or deep red velvet shoes. Stripes are big again (seriously, do they ever go away?) and I’ll be re-wearing the long sleeved striped tops I already own. Grunge is also back. I remember wearing tight tees under dresses as a teenager and I’m not sure I can go back. Some chunky ankle boots with a sweet floral dress might be the way I revisit this trend. A long structured vest is also on my winter hit list and Style by Bec has a great round up here. This is a fabulous trans-seasonal piece that can work in the hotter months.


Now that you are inspired by what lies ahead in your fashion future, take out any winter items you have stashed away and check them out. I am not suggesting you pop them back into your wardrobe just yet though – this is just for stocktake.

What works with the winter trends that appealed to you? Do you still love all the pieces? Has anything been attacked by moths (eek)? Do things need airing, mending or dry cleaning? This is also a good time to get the boots out, give them a polish and check if they need to be re-soled or replaced entirely.

Now for the list! What’s missing or in need of replacement? Don’t just think clothes, think about shoes, boots, belts, tights, hats and jewellery that you might like to update going into winter.

Now you have inspiration and a list, you’re ready to hit the stores.

Thankfully the shops tend to be airconditioned to the point of arctic tempatures at this time of year, so that helps with the general winter vibe.

Here are my tips for making the most of your new season shop:

  • Bring along anything from your wardrobe that you want to match with something new.
  • Give yourself lots of time.
  • Wear nude undies with a smooth line, particularly if you are trying on jeans.
  • If you like shopping with someone, bring a girlfriend along. If you get more done on your own, make a date with yourself. Do not bring the kids.
  • Don’t feel like you have to buy everything all at once. Just focus on the key pieces you feel you need.
  • Check out my shopping buddy guide before you go anywhere.
If the shops aren’t your thing, there are plenty of great online buys to get your wardrobe into winter shape.
  • Bron from Flatbumum has a beautifully curated online store of items from one of my favourites, Philosophy.

    imogen vest

    One of the lovely winter options in store over at Flatbummum. Click to buy.

  • Eb&Ive (another favourite of mine) have some great winter options
  • ASOS can always be counted on for some on-trend, not-to-expensive clothes and accessories. I like their River Island brand.
  • I’m particularly loving the boots over at Forever New at the moment.
  • I’m lusting after all the winter season Isabel Marant over at the Outnet. But my credit card isn’t.
Can you feel the winter chill yet? I can’t but I know that an icy blast is as close as my nearest shopping centre.

Arrow 2

Do you struggle with buying winter clothes while it’s still hot outside?  Any tips?

(note: I’m kind of new to this style blogging thing, so none of the above are affiliate links – just in case you were wondering. I’ll always tell you!)

16 thoughts on “How to shop for winter when it’s still really hot

  1. the hipsterette says:

    I really like winter fashions because they allow you to be more ‘dressy’. I’m loving the more whimsical element – the faux furs, velvets, and long-sleeved maxi-dresses that are around this winter. My favourite item at the moment is a green knitted beret by Gucci!

    Seriously though, what I need is a good and well-fitting pair of black jeans to be the basis of my winter wardrobe. Any suggestions?

  2. Kez Unprepared says:

    I struggle with buying winter clothes when it’s hot for several reasons – sadly, one of them is often that I haven’t even felt like I’ve nailed my SUMMER wardrobe yet, when the autumn winter stuff hits stores haha. I’m that lady scavenging through the summer clearance sales hoping to get that one thing I desperately need before it disappears!
    Last year, I made a list (from Pinterest images) of things I wanted to achieve with my winter wardrobe. I went shopping on holiday in Sydney and I nailed that list so much that this year I don’t even feel like I need too many things to stay on trend or feel comfortable! A big achievement for me! I highly recommend creating some kind of inspiration board or making a specific list before shopping 🙂
    Kez Unprepared recently posted…Taking Stock: March 2016My Profile

  3. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Even though I’ve lived in Australia for almost 8 years, I still buy almost all my clothes in the UK (either in person when I’m overseas or online.) The only problem with my grand plan is that UK winter clothes are way too warm for Australian winter so I always sweat as hard as I do in summer! I love your picks, especially those boots!
    Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #57My Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Hahha – yes, sometimes our winter can feel like an English summer day can’t it? I am definitely getting some tassels on my boots this season!

  4. Flat Bum Mum says:

    Tassels: come at me!!! I am busting to break out the reversible vest but alas 38 degrees doesn’t seem to be even close to vest weather. Soon I hope. Bron x

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