Shopping Buddy

I adore clothes shopping. Probably a little too much.  And it doesn’t have to be shopping for me – I am just as happy to tag along on a friend’s shopping expedition. In fact, I sort of love that.

They say everyone has a secret super power – mine is an encyclopaedic knowledge of what stores stock what and where they are located in Carindale shopping centre. That and the ability to spot a bargain at fifty paces. Plus, I am pretty honest.

Do you want to come shopping with me?

Shopping Buddy

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Firstly, do you need anything in particular? Or just feeling like a bit of retail therapy? Probably a good idea to check into your wardrobe and think about what’s missing. You might also want to have a quick look online to see what’s in store that might meet your needs.  Have you got your basics sorted?

Oh, and if you need to match anything in particular, bring that with you.

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This store looks like it has stuff you’ll like. Shall we go in?

You pull a few things off the rack and ask whether you should buy them. Well, for one thing, you aren’t buying anything until you try it on. We head on over to the change rooms.

Outfit One
I can see you fussing with it to make it sit correctly. Don’t buy it – you won’t ever feel comfortable it it.  Try on the next thing.

Outfit Two
It’s a beautiful long line sleeveless jacket in wool.  “I grabbed it because it was on sale and I DO really like it, but I won’t get to wear it for forever,” you say. Buying end of season is a great way to get a bargain. Check a street style site to see what they are wearing northern hemisphere way in the alternate season. If it’s still trending, buy it.

Outfit Three
You aren’t smiling. I am not getting the sense that you LOVE it. Don’t buy it. Your wardrobe should be full of things you love.

Outfit Four
You look great in that and you look happy! Do you have three other things at home that it will go with? In particular, do you have shoes that will work? Does it make sense within your wardrobe? Yes? Buy it!

Outfit Five
Hmmm… it’s okay-ish but there’s something a little off about it. Oh, hang on here comes the sales assistant.  She says, “not too many people can wear that colour, but you look radiant.”  She hovers and eventually leaves.  I ask, “do you love it?”  “I am not sure,” you reply, “I didn’t at first but now, I think it might be quite lovely.”  Don’t fall for the flattery!  You have to love it.

Outfit Six
You say, “It’s alright AND it’s really cheap. It’s half price.”  Would you consider buying it full price or if you had gift voucher for the full price would you use it on that? If not, put it back. Don’t buy something JUST because it’s cheap.

Outfit Seven
(this particular store has a generous policy regarding how many clothes you are permitted in change rooms)
I like these pants, but they are way too long,” you say. The pants sit beautifully and sing the praises of your butt. Buy them and get them taken up.  Actually, if they are very good, buy a few pairs in different colours and get them taken up. Perfect pants don’t happen every day.

Arrow 2I help you button and zip up the things you aren’t buying and put them back on the hangers. So that the hanger faces left, and looks like the top of a question mark. It’s nice to be nice.

Let’s go purchase and find out the refund policy of the store. They have a loyalty card and email list? Sign yourself up.

Alright, now where to for lunch?

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Well if you can online browse, perhaps you can also virtually shop. 
Do you love or loathe clothes shopping?

17 thoughts on “Shopping Buddy

  1. The Hipsterette says:

    Good sound advice. So true – perfect pants ‘don’t happen everyday’ and nothing is more liberating than a pair (or several pairs) of flattering and well fitting pants. I have to say, though, the older I get the less I like trying clothes on – I know it’s really important because now a garment fits and sits really determines how much you will wear it – but I really dislike the process of getting undressed and dressed again in change room, not to mention the distorted mirrors that are so often found in these cubicles.

    • Robyna says:

      I hear you there. I think it’s important to know the refund policy so that you can try those pieces on at home, potentially with other clothes, and then commit to returning them if they are not right. Online even more so!

  2. Clare at Girl Fifteen says:

    Ha, I might enjoy shopping if you came along! I shop like a boy, I know what I want and that is (usually) what I get, no faffing around, just in and out. Online shopping is my favourite to be honest. The latest thing I bought was a blue poncho from a local company, I saw it on Instagram and I had to have it. That is about as impulse as I get!
    Clare at Girl Fifteen recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #41. Number 8.My Profile

    • Robyna says:

      My husband buys the thing he needs and the leaves, he cannot comprehend why I buy something from a store, and then continue to browse within that same store.

  3. Heike Herrling says:

    Oh my gosh. I use to love clothes shopping but I went yesterday and decided I hate it now. Post-baby body is confusing. I was just getting a handle on what looked good on me before. Know I have no clue.
    I was trying to find an outfit for Diner En Blanc – so it has to be white. I have no clue.
    Plus, breastfeeding friendly and stylish is impossible to find. Sigh.
    Heike Herrling recently posted…Travel – Cradle to Coast Farmers’ MarketMy Profile

  4. Catherine Elizabeth says:

    I love this! Great tips 🙂 I am a huge clothes shopping addict and definitely guilty of buying things that don’t make sense in my wardrobe, just because they’re pretty…in fact I think I’m guilty of all of these things…whoops, hehe.

  5. Grace says:

    I am a sucker for flattery! Especially the line, “That colour looks so great on your gorgeous skin!” Then I go home, do the whole “What was I thinking???” dance and shove it to the back of the wardrobe.
    That said, I still LOVE clothes shopping! 🙂
    Grace recently posted…FYBF – The Feather TouchMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Oh my goodness, I am such a lover of clothes shopping. But funnily enough I never have the sales assistants help me. I think I must have “I know what I want” look about me 😉

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