No-Buy Update: The shopping trip

the shopping trip

For the first time this year I went clothes shopping. Last Saturday I really stress-tested my commitment to my no-buy year.  My dear friend needed a few things for her wardrobe and wanted my help. Everyone has a super power and mine is an intimate knowledge of what stores are likely to stock what. I make a good shopping partner. Read more

How to tell good quality clothing

How to good clothing

I am committing to a less is more approach to my wardrobe. So far so good and my no- buy-2017 is going strong. When I do, eventually, introduce new things, they are going to  exceptionally good quality clothing. I may have to spend a little more, but I think it’s important.The clothes in my wardrobe should last years and years. I have no interest in being part of the fast fashion cycle any more.

But how can you tell if a garment is going to improve through wears and washes or whether it’s going to lose all it’s shape and loveliness? Read more

Why I buy (and how to curb it)

This year I am committing to less. I don’t even have a word for the year. But it would be “less” if that didn’t feel so counter-intuitive. One of my commitments is less spending (on clothes in particular). It seems like my corner of the internet is going wild over the Minimalist documentary right now. Full disclosure: I haven’t seen it. We don’t have Netflix. How is that for minimalist? Even without seeing it, it’s clear that less consumption is on a lot of minds at the moment. My personal commitment came after a wardrobe cull and the realisation that I absolutely do not need any more clothes.  Read more

How to shop the big confusing stores

How to shop the big shops

I love browsing carefully curated boutiques with a small selection of beautiful clothes. There is a sense of calm and order. Each piece has been considered before earning its place on the rack. Shopping is a pleasure.

There is no such ambience when I walk into a large chain or department store. Instead, I often feel overwhelmed. That I am trying to find needles in haystacks. The sheer amount of clothes is confusing and it even makes me a little sad. It’s hard not to think of landfill when there is just so. much. stuff. There are times when I would prefer to run away than shop. And I like to shop.

Of course, I buy things in large chains like Uniqlo and H&M or department stores like Myer or Target. They are often the best places to buy basics. There are times when I need a broader range (and lower prices) than offered by a local boutique.

How do you navigate the large shops without feeling overwhelmed? Or walking out with everything other than the garments you actually needed?

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What to buy in the sales

What to buy and avoid in the sales

I’ll be heading into the fray and checking out the sales today. I never go on Boxing Day or near thereafter. Partly because I prefer to lazily recover from Christmas. Partly because more extensive mark downs happen later in any case.

Here’s what I’ll be buying AND what I’ll be avoiding.  Read more

Shopping Buddy

I adore clothes shopping. Probably a little too much.  And it doesn’t have to be shopping for me – I am just as happy to tag along on a friend’s shopping expedition. In fact, I sort of love that.

They say everyone has a secret super power – mine is an encyclopaedic knowledge of what stores stock what and where they are located in Carindale shopping centre. That and the ability to spot a bargain at fifty paces. Plus, I am pretty honest.

Do you want to come shopping with me?

Shopping Buddy

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