Dishwasher Wars

Do you have dishwasher wars at your place? Not who is going to stack or unstack the dishwasher, or who didn’t turn it on, or who left dishes out rather than putting them in. That’s amateur stuff.

the dishwasher wars

I’m talking about the subtle nuances of dishwasher use that vary from person to person. The little things, that for some reason, manage to escalate into household civil war. I have a theory that it’s not arguing over money or kids that drives the biggest wedge into a marriage. It’s dishwasher disagreement.

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Boys Haircuts + Pre-Judgement (yep, I do it)

It’s not nice to judge. We all know we shouldn’t do it. Aside from judging people who judge. Which is a loophole some people use that I have never quite gotten my head around. Not that I am judging them.

boys haircuts

I think I am fairly non-judgemental.  I won’t think less of a mum who loses it with her kids – we’ve all been there. I don’t normally jump to conclusions based on the way someone looks or acts. I try to teach my kids that every person has a lot more to them than initially meets the eye. But when it comes to  haircuts, particularly boys haircuts, I turn into Ms Judgement.  Read more

What to Wear to ProBlogger

What to wear to ProBlogger-2What to wear to ProBlogger
There has been a lot of concern in the lead up to ProBlogger.  Concern over meeting new people. Concern over cliques. Concern over business cards (me). Concern over being a hugger and hugging people who don’t want hugging (again, me – as in being the concerned over-hugger). And then there has been concern over not being particularly concerned.

But the largest area of concern seems to be: What to Wear to ProBlogger.

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Blogging Tips for the Jaded

Blogging Tips for the jadedI love the blogging community and I am very grateful for the great advice published by so many people. In the lead up to ProBlogger and at the conference itself, I know that I am going to come across even more advice.

But there are times when my inner cynic tends to come out. Sometimes “blogging rules” are much like “parenting rules” – you cannot follow them all as they contradict each other and their generalist nature doesn’t actually suit your particular baby. Also, sometimes the advice is crap. So I thought I’d write my own list of (firmly tongue in cheek) blogging advice.

If you aren’t a blogger and would like a laugh, why not check out this post: Things I suspect I should have already known

My super-cynical, very good blogging tips for a super, awesome blog:

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A day in the life of my social media

where does the time go?

This month I am concentrating on kerbing my social media use. Reclaiming my mornings is just one reason.

Here is what my morning with social media looks like:

Wake up. Shower.  Hesitate as choosing clothes. Am I doing a style dare at the moment? Is this going to be Instagram-able? Oh F* it, it’s too early and too cold too care.  

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