Brisbane Fashion: A glossary of terms

So it’s been a while since “Brisbane fashion” could be considered an oxymoron. After all, Easton Pearson called Brisbane home, our city mall boasts the same stores as you can find in Sydney and Melbourne, you can get a decent coffee any time of the day or night and the best style bloggers come from Brisbane. Not me. But this lady, and this fox, and this gorgeous woman and this stylin’ mamma, to name just a few.

Brisbane Fashion a glossary of terms

But there are some fashion idiosyncrasies particular to Brisbane that remain.

Here’s a glossary of terms to help:

Cold – Temperature falls below 25 degrees. Calls for some excitement and the retrieval of jackets and boots from the back of the cupboard.

Really cold – Temperature falls below 20 degrees. Calls for the donning of hats, scarves and gloves.

Freezing – Temperature falls below 15 degrees. We have absolutely no idea what to do. Thermals will most likely be involved. No longer excited. Bring back bloody Summer.

Thongs – Plastic open-toed sandal with a flat sole held on the foot by a Y-shaped strap or thong. Also called flip-flops. Can (and should) be worn anywhere.

Dress Shoes – Thongs with sparkles on them.

Black Tie (wedding dress code) – The bride would prefer it if you did not wear jeans and/or thongs to her wedding.

Winter Dressing – Involves wearing summer tops and singlets, but with jeans. Additional layers required if it gets cold, really cold or freezing (see above). But they will all be abandoned by lunch time, when it will be about 28 degrees any way (in mid-July).

Winter Shopping – Involves stores stocking items in early April that are completely inappropriate for the Brisbane weather. In order to convince shoppers that they need a shearling coat in 34 degree temps, the shopping centres will set their air-conditoners to 18 degrees. Which classifies as really cold (see above).

Togs – Colloquial term for swimwear. Accounts for 30% – 40% of wardrobes.

High Fashion – Brisbane got its very own fashion week back in 2005. But everyone knows that the premium Brisbane fashion events are the annual wool and cotton parades at the Ekka.

Denim cut-off shorts – casual uniform of every woman in Brisbane from their tweens to their twenties.

Colour – an essential part of every outfit.

Nightclub Dress Codes (men)  Denim must be a particular shade. That shade is not right shade. May not have tried hard enough. May have tried too hard. Cannot come in with sneakers. We only allow sneakers. Shirts must have collars. Collared shirts don’t fit with our image. T-shirts with logos aren’t allowed. Shoes must be closed in. Shoulders must be covered.

Nightclub Dress Codes (women) – Come on in love. Nice singlet and sandals.

Places to be seen – Anywhere that opened this week.

Places not to be seen – Anywhere that opened last week.

Umbrellas – Seldom used. When it does rain the entire city uses brollies that could comfortably house a family of five. No-one has any idea how to negotiate said large brollies.

Ugg Boots – Unacceptable to wear outside of the house. Unless it’s really cold or below (see above). Then wear whatever the hell you want.

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Does your town have any fashion idiosyncrasies? 
Any from Brissie that I’ve missed?

15 thoughts on “Brisbane Fashion: A glossary of terms

  1. Jasmine @ Pretty Chuffed says:

    Lol! This is very funny and true. I was talking to a friend in London and she said it was finally getting warm there, it would be 25 degrees on the weekend and they were having a BBQ. I laughed and said 25 was the temperature I pulled out the knit, jeans and boots! Her and her entire office thought that was hilarious. (As I was talking to her, here it was 22 degrees at 7pm). So funny!
    Jasmine @ Pretty Chuffed recently posted…This Week’s Late Night Shopping (Wish) ListMy Profile

  2. Sarah says:

    Hilarious! Nailed it, particularly the black tie wedding. As the wife of an ex-bouncer, can also confirm the nightclub dress codes.

  3. Bron from Flat Bum Mum says:

    I find it so hard to dress in Queensland. The warm weather is beautiful but it confuses the utter crap out of my Melbourne layering brain. You are one funny lady Robyna. I love your writing. xo

  4. Beth at says:

    Lol! Having just spent the last week and a bit sunning myself in Brisbane, I had to laugh at the locals in jackets and scarves as I sweltered in cropped jeans and tees! I was completely unprepared for the warmth although I did enjoy it. I’m back in Adelaide today and just got back from my lunchbreak where I was informed by Snapchat it’s 12 degrees aka FREEEEEEZING.
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    • Robyna says:

      We really don’t get much a chance to pull out those winter clothes. I saw that you were up in Brissie – would love to catch up next time 🙂

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