How to wear boho (and not look hobo)

Even before the lovely Nina Proudman graced our screens I have been obsessed with boho.


The relaxed girl with sunshine in her hair and peace in her soul, wrapped in long skirts and good intentions. The festival girl, cool and charming in her battered boots and grandmother’s dress. The traveller, borrowing looks from her destinations, weaving her bits and pieces into her outfits like a sartorial travel diary. Read more

Farmstay and a time machine

Last week I travelled back in time. The boys and I stayed in a white-washed farm cottage perched on a wide creek. Chickens roamed at our feet. Cattle regarded us with disinterest and the mothers of newborn calfs eyed us warily. Friendly horses came near and nuzzled at our sides, hoping for carrots.

cottage at farmstay

We seemed a million miles away from noise, from bustle, from stress and from reliable internet connection. The kids had nothing to do but run and play and explore. We had nothing to do but sit and talk, read and unwind. Read more

How to make cheap clothes look expensive


We live in age of fast fashion. I can buy my clothes alongside my milk at Coles. An outfit worn by a celebrity will be re-interpreted in the chain stores within weeks. There are new jeans that cost less than a sandwich.

I feel uncomfortable about fast fashion for a number of reasons. Primarily the means by which stores can sell things so cheaply. It promotes a generic look along with a throw-away mentality. And, of course, it’s very difficult for independent designers, brands and shops to compete.

On the flip-side, I know that for a lot of people cheaper fashion means they have access to clothes they didn’t before.

Whether you are buying your clothes from Mix or from an Op Shop, here are seven ways to make a cheaper garment look more expensive and less generic: Read more