Knotlace: A Review

With my more minimal approach to dressing, accessories are becoming increasingly important. I have always found a great necklace or statement earrings can breathe life into an outfit. It’s the accessories that make an outfit feel like “me”. They also mean that I don’t feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again.

So when Eva from Knotlace asked me to review her company’s gorgeous bracelets and necklaces, I said yes immediately. These necklaces and bracelets can be twisted and worn in a variety of different ways. They are also just as at home in a casual or corporate environment, depending on how you style them.

At the moment my sartorial life falls into fairly neat categories – either I’m at work, at play with the kids or going out with family and friends. The Knotlace range is great for all of those scenarios.

I was kindly sent the slimmer sister to the original Knotlace necklace – the Miss Knotlace necklace and bracelet. I prefer finer jewellery, so this was just perfect for me. This necklace is currently on sale at $18.16 with the matching bracelet on sale at $9.76.

For work, I tried an open necklace look. The wire is very sturdy and the designs stay put. When you are in a more corporate environment, I think the Knotlace necklace looks best in the shorter, choker-style options.

For play, I just twisted the necklace until I liked the design and off I went to little soccer. I think there is a little bit of a hippy/creative vibe when you wear the necklace like this.

The bracelet is just as cute and offers lots of distracting play for those that fiddle (that would be me). My kids also love playing with the chains and moulding them into shapes. So far, they have stood up well to being re-purposed as a kids toy. Hey, let’s be honest about mum life!

The chains also work beautifully as hair accessories. You can twist into a head band, or you can twist your own knotted design and slip onto a plain headband. If you want something little more under-stated on the headband, you can use the bracelet in the same way.

I am a fan of belts, and the Knotlace does double (triple?) duty as one.  I chose to wrap a ribbon around the two ends to secure the necklace with a tie.

knotlace belt

You can even keep the tie on for another necklace variation.

knotlace necklace tied
As a creative person, I love this range because it allows me to add my own “twist” (#sorrynotsorry for the pun). Versatility of pieces is important to me and Knotlace has it in spades.

The other thing I love about Knotlace is the support for Beyond Blue. For every Knotlace neckalce sold, $1 is donated to Beyond Blue. Depression and Anxiety are such huge issues and organisations that provide support are vital.

You can shop the whole Knotlace range here. Pop MINX17 in the discount code for 15% off.

I was gifted the necklace and bracelet for the purposes of review.



Do you love playing with accessories?
Do you wear necklaces in a variety of different ways?

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