Nina’s Style Deconstructed

Nina's Style - Deconstructed

Once again I’m welcoming the Proudman family into my lounge room each Wednesday night. I am excited they are back. But, well, it’s just not quite as good as it once was. There, I said it. A few dull edges where there was once only sparkle. Although the most recent episode shone with the old glitter.

It’s still better than most free to air TV (why does the Bachelor get prime time ahead of it?). And I am still completely in love with Nina’s style. Read more

How to wear boho (and not look hobo)

Even before the lovely Nina Proudman graced our screens I have been obsessed with boho.


The relaxed girl with sunshine in her hair and peace in her soul, wrapped in long skirts and good intentions. The festival girl, cool and charming in her battered boots and grandmother’s dress. The traveller, borrowing looks from her destinations, weaving her bits and pieces into her outfits like a sartorial travel diary. Read more

How to make a fringed top

Normally my style is fairy classic with a twist. But there are times I like to venture into boho territory. I made this cute fringed top for my inner hippie. I am heading to a John Butler Trio concert at the end of the month. I think it will be perfect.

how to make a fringed top Read more