Nina’s Style Deconstructed

Nina's Style - Deconstructed

Once again I’m welcoming the Proudman family into my lounge room each Wednesday night. I am excited they are back. But, well, it’s just not quite as good as it once was. There, I said it. A few dull edges where there was once only sparkle. Although the most recent episode shone with the old glitter.

It’s still better than most free to air TV (why does the Bachelor get prime time ahead of it?). And I am still completely in love with Nina’s style.

Remember the days when you could buy Nina’s outfit the day after the show screened? Hundreds of Neens-fans scrambling to Tiger Lily or crashing the Binny website. Then season six saw Nina swapping out her maxi skirts for gaucho pants. I personally love a wide-legged, cropped pair of pants but I know it threw others with a Nina style crush. Where was the luxe boho as we knew it?

Nina’s style has definitely changed and purchasing a replica is not quite so accessible. But the base elements remain the same.

Here’s the main formula that has remained unchanged:

Layered Fine Jewellery

Nina has remained committed to fine jewellery since the show’s pilot. Small filigree earrings and layered chains with small pendants. Favoured brands have been Nicole Fendel and more lately Linda Tahija. I have found that Country Road (of all places) has really lovely fine necklaces and bracelets. And fabulous sales.


Scarves have been a constant feature at varying lengths and widths. Nina started with thin long scarves, went through a larger phase and is currently sporting smaller vintage numbers. Layering is key to Nina’s look and the scarves are an important part of that texture. They are also really easy to pick up in sales and at op-shops. If you find fabric that you like you can always roll hem and DIY.


Another constant feature has been a pair of great boots. I am not entirely sure how high suede boots with a slight heel work in a maternity ward, but they look great. With jeans and skirts, it is always the high boots. The introduction of the cropped pant has seen ankle length boots. But I don’t think I have ever seen Nina out of boots unless she is on the town.


Nina’s tops are quite feminine, unless using a simple singlet as a foil for a more elaborate┬ájacket or scarf. This season and last has seen her wearing more knits, but always in soft colours. My favourites are her cream tops with a smattering of lace detail. I think I have (at last count) ten of those kinds of blouses. Her predominant colour palette is cream, grey, berry colours, navy and light pinks. We haven’t seen the blues and greens we used to for a little while now. But back-catalogue inspiration is still great inspiration.


Jeans are of course a staple, but I personally love Nina in a maxi skirt or soft pair of paints. Prints are kept to the either the lower or upper part of the outfit. When Nina is in peak boho, it’s the printed piece that give her outfits life and colour. Of course there have always been some amazing print dresses. However, she doesn’t tend to clash prints (with the exception of scarves). There is a feature item and that indicates the colour palette.


Another important layer in the Nina equation. Jackets tend to be unstructured and either in her preferred neutral colour palette or in a amazing print. She went through a kimono phase which I absolutely loved. Kimonos are such an easy way to make any outfit look amazing.

In the days following an Offspring episode, I’m always inspired to inject a little Nina into my dressing. Whether it be old-school boho Nina inspo or her new, slightly more tailored style. The show has┬áthe fashion sorted. Now just to straighten out the story-lines and keep going with the joy.

These are a few of my #everydaystyle outfits that have had a sprinkling of Nina. They aren’t necessarily what Nina would wear head to toe, but that’s the thing about style inspiration. It’s best when you mix it with your own.

Of course, for the best information and inspiration on Nina’s outfits, you can’t go past Styling You.

What do you think of the latest season of Offspring?
Still loving Nina’s wardrobe?