How to try a new trend

You’ve seen it worn on Instagram. It’s been winking at you whenever you see it in store. Your best friend has started wearing it. You can’t pick up a magazine without seeing the trend staring back at you. Maybe it’s time to try it?
How to try a new trend
Whether it’s sneakers with a dress, drop crotch pants, a fedora or a maxi skirt, adopting a look you aren’t familiar with can be tricky. But on the scale of risky behaviour, giving a new trend a whirl is pretty low. I reckon it’s fun to push our sense of style. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

Here a my tips for trying a new look:

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There is no “too” in style

Style. Fashion. Words. Three loves and I adore it when they collide. I’ll talk (or write) style until the hem lines shift. But one thing bothers me a little. Whether I’m talking to a friend, or having an online chat about style, the word “too” appears.

It goes a bit like this: I’m too old, too wide, too short, too tall, too timid, my lifestyle is too boring, my wardrobe is too sparse and my bank account is too empty.

Style doesn’t require a certain body shape, it doesn’t have an age limit, a glamorous life is not a pre-requisite and it doesn’t even have to cost a great deal of money.

There is no too

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How to Wear Shorts in Winter

I was doing my obligatory trans-seasonal* wardrobe edit** when I came across my stack of shorts. I hesitated. Do I put them away for winter? Or can I make these work? I’m always up for a challenge, so I decided to try to make them work.

wearing shorts in winter

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Finding your fashion crush

finding your fashion crush

It’s been an exciting week. Not only did the new season of Offspring hit our screens but I got to write about it. The lovely Nikki from Styling You is presently sipping Mai Tais and shopping up a storm in Hawaii. As they don’t get Offspring in that part of the world, she entrusted me with writing the debrief. You can read the post here.

I’m also helping out on the Styling You Facebook page and there’s lots of questions about matches for Nina’s clothing and accessories. Nikki was the first blogger to really catch on to Nina’s style and make it accessible to her readers. So she has pretty great insider information.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to source various Nina outfits over the interwebs. So how do you do that? When you see something on a celebrity or on Instagram that you instantly covet – how do you find the information that will make it yours?

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Pretty Tough: How to Wear It

There is something so cool about the juxtaposition of a delicate garment against a tougher element. Lace dresses and boots. Biker jackets with wispy confections underneath. Beautiful and intricate fabrics in unexpected darker colours.
pretty tough - how to wear it

A more substantial piece against something pretty lends an edge and can take it out of saccharine sweet territory. A touch of dainty paired with a something tough can add whimsy to the severe. It’s also a great way to add autumnal elements to a summery wardrobe. And with the weather in Brisbane at the moment, slight nods to autumn fashion is all the sunshine will allow.

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Little Tanning Dress – A Review (+ discount for readers)

Like so many great ideas, Little Tanning Dress started out of necessity. Busy boutique owner, Brooke Jones, needed to have something fashionable she could wear to her tanning appointments and in her store. But there was nothing on the market that would preserve her tan and her style. So she created the Little Tanning Dress. A stylish black dress made from a polyester/spandex blend that doesn’t blot or absorb tanning products. As an added bonus it doesn’t crease either.

Little Tanning Dress

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