A Perspective. On Perspective.

Perspective - Butterfly on beach

I keep coming back to it. Perspective.

It’s a slippery thing.

After Xavier died my perspective on perspective changed. No longer a guilty reminder of my first world problems. It became a talisman. I held to the blessings, not because I felt the nagging need to be more grateful, but because they were all I had left. Read more

The need for space – time, perspective & place: my commitment to 2015

Every new year, my thoughts turn to my health. What I can do to improve it? How can I be more in tune with my body, heart and mind? This week, there will be a focus on health. Starting with what I consider the most important piece of the health puzzle: mental health.
grateful for the wild, untamed spaces

It was late afternoon and the storm clouds had already begun to blow in. But I craved the sand and the sea, so I headed down to the beach with baby E. Just him and I, a towel and the baby carrier. Unencumbered by cameras or phones. No shoes, both dressed only in our swimmers. I waded into the ocean, him close on my hip and we bounced over the waves together, his baby giggles and soft breath against my neck.

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