The problem with yelling

The other day I yelled at my kids. Not a garden-variety yell. A screech. A holler. A roar. The kind of yelling that reverberates around the house and continues to echo in corridors of guilt. The kind of yelling that the neighbours will talk about (three doors down). The kind of yelling that leaves your throat hoarse and every time you swallow you are reminded of your parenting failure. The kind of yelling that stops a child in their tracks. In fear.

yelling at your kids

This is the problem with that kind of yelling. It works.  Read more

Enough with the pressure – Enough

Do you feel it? The constant pressure.

enough. that's enough pressure.

Are you mindful enough? Hustling hard enough? Giving enough? Taking enough? Parenting enough? Healthy enough? Sustainable enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough? Are you putting yourself first enough? Are you organised enough? Is your house neat enough? Are you happy enough? Are you enough?

The answer is always probably not. You are probably not enough but let me tell you sell you the things that will make you enough. Let me set a ridiculously high standard as to what “enough” means and then I’ll show you the way to get there. In a blog post. In a webinar. In five easy steps. For five easy payment installations.

Enough. Enough. ENOUGH. I have had enough. Read more