How not to get bored of your clothes

how not to be bored with your clothes

I was talking shopping with the girl who was shaping my brows. We were chatting casually, as you do, in that artificial, intimate bubble. I told her about my year long no new clothes commitment. She thought I was slightly (admirably) nuts.

I need new clothes,” she said immediately and then she paused “well, maybe I don’t but I’m bored with what I have.

Ah, there is the crux of it really. One of the big issues with the no clothes commitment. Once the virtue of it all subsides, it is kind of boring.  Read more

How to tell good quality clothing

How to good clothing

I am committing to a less is more approach to my wardrobe. So far so good and my no- buy-2017 is going strong. When I do, eventually, introduce new things, they are going to  exceptionally good quality clothing. I may have to spend a little more, but I think it’s important.The clothes in my wardrobe should last years and years. I have no interest in being part of the fast fashion cycle any more.

But how can you tell if a garment is going to improve through wears and washes or whether it’s going to lose all it’s shape and loveliness? Read more

How to wear boho (and not look hobo)

Even before the lovely Nina Proudman graced our screens I have been obsessed with boho.


The relaxed girl with sunshine in her hair and peace in her soul, wrapped in long skirts and good intentions. The festival girl, cool and charming in her battered boots and grandmother’s dress. The traveller, borrowing looks from her destinations, weaving her bits and pieces into her outfits like a sartorial travel diary. Read more

How to Wear Shorts in Winter

I was doing my obligatory trans-seasonal* wardrobe edit** when I came across my stack of shorts. I hesitated. Do I put them away for winter? Or can I make these work? I’m always up for a challenge, so I decided to try to make them work.

wearing shorts in winter

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Finding your fashion crush

finding your fashion crush

It’s been an exciting week. Not only did the new season of Offspring hit our screens but I got to write about it. The lovely Nikki from Styling You is presently sipping Mai Tais and shopping up a storm in Hawaii. As they don’t get Offspring in that part of the world, she entrusted me with writing the debrief. You can read the post here.

I’m also helping out on the Styling You Facebook page and there’s lots of questions about matches for Nina’s clothing and accessories. Nikki was the first blogger to really catch on to Nina’s style and make it accessible to her readers. So she has pretty great insider information.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to source various Nina outfits over the interwebs. So how do you do that? When you see something on a celebrity or on Instagram that you instantly covet – how do you find the information that will make it yours?

Here are my tips on finding your fashion crush … Read more