Two Year Olds – Tiny Drunk Humans

Last Friday our school held its annual trivia night. It’s always a big night. Put a group of parents together, give them an excuse to play dress-ups, offer them cheap alcohol and things are bound to get a bit squiffy. Okay, perhaps a lot squiffy. The next morning we gathered around the side lines of our various kids’ soccer commitments, sporting large sunglasses and even larger take-away coffees whispering “So, just how drunk were we last night?

two year olds ...basically drunk

That Saturday evening we went to the NRL double header. It was E’s first footy game and 80 odd minutes of sitting still went just about as well as you might expect with a two year old. We did not stay for the second game. In fact the whole weekend confirmed the long held parenting belief that toddlers are basically just tiny drunk humans.  Read more

An open letter on behalf of my two year old

This is an open letter. A letter to restaurants that say they are child friendly — until children start acting like children. To the people that don’t have children — and think they come with an off switch (hint: they don’t). To the the people who have grown up children — and have completely forgotten what toddlerhood looks like.

This is an open letter to let you know about two year olds. Average, gorgeous, busy, squishable, frustrating, lovable, wonderful two year olds. It’s about my two year old.

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