Please do not forget that the world is an amazing and beautiful place

The WorldRemains a BeautifulPlaceI got home from the park an hour ago to find my newsfeed bombarded with information on the siege that is underway in Sydney. The media is giving it rolling coverage on the TV. There is click bait all over Facebook. What is going on down there at the moment is highly disturbing. It is also symptomatic of the way that the organisation (being reported to be responsible) operate – low tech and high impact. It is also generating what they want – mass media coverage. Read more

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway. We were in stitches reading the comments that the small people come out with, but the one that had us really holding our sides was:

“…while describing to my 5 year old, Ms E the meaning of the word disgusting, my 7 year old, little Ms R pipes up, under her breath, “You mean seeing someone going to the toilet naked?” Well, it was my ensuite you walked into without an invite, Ms R!!!”

You have won the following package from Bree Naomee Photography:


Thanks for the giggle and we will send you all the information you need to put you in contact with Bree.

Robyna & Sarah xx

Getting out with your baby, your confidence and your sanity in tact

Getting out with Kids - Image Credit, The Mummy and the MinxDecember and the silly season brings with it events, shopping and visiting. If you have a newborn, it can all seem a bit daunting to get out of the house and I wanted to share some tips.

I sometimes joke that I am not a stay-at-home-mum, I am a never-at-home-mum.  I have always loved getting out and about with my babies.  But, it does take some practice and there are three key things that I lean on.

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Reflection funnies

As a part of reflecting this month, I started to think about some of the funny things that have happened over the last little while. I hope they give you a chuckle too.


Funny thing 1:

Husband was unpacking the shopping recently and put an economy size box of condoms (24 to be exact) on the bench.

Me: “Holy moly hun, we’ve got enough to last us through the next few years there.”

Seriously if looks could kill, I would have dropped dead there.

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