What to Wear to ProBlogger

What to wear to ProBlogger-2What to wear to ProBlogger
There has been a lot of concern in the lead up to ProBlogger.  Concern over meeting new people. Concern over cliques. Concern over business cards (me). Concern over being a hugger and hugging people who don’t want hugging (again, me – as in being the concerned over-hugger). And then there has been concern over not being particularly concerned.

But the largest area of concern seems to be: What to Wear to ProBlogger.

After careful consideration, deliberation and extensive research via style blogs, I have decided what to wear. I am going to wear clothes.

I spoke to an attendee last year who opted not to wear clothes.

“I really regretted that decision,” she said.  “Most other bloggers had decided to wear clothes last year. It did make me feel a little left out. It also made hugging quite awkward. I will definitely be wearing clothes this year.”

A survey revealed that 100% of attendees this year intend to wear clothes.

Of those, 20% have already packed, 30% are excited to wear things that they can’t in their ordinary, child-stained lives, 25% are worried about what to wear, 5% are buying new clothes, 10% are wearing what ever happens to be clean on the day and 5% are not sure what all the fuss is about. That may or may not add up to 100% and I may or may not have made all that up.

Importantly, 0% of bloggers intend holding up score cards judging other attendees’  outfits.

See you there gorgeous things.

36 thoughts on “What to Wear to ProBlogger

  1. seizetheday20 says:

    ROFL Robyna. I’ve been wondering whether I’m in the minority, as I’m not too fussed about packing and business cards and all that stuff. I’ll work it out on Thursday morning before I leave.
    I just want to go to Problogger, meet some lovely fellow bloggers, learn some things that will help make my blog better – and enjoy a few days of being me and not Muuuuum! I hope to meet you there – I’ll be wearing clothes, I’m just not sure which ones yet!

  2. Min@WriteoftheMiddle says:

    LOL – love this Robyna! Thanks to you I now know to wear clothes to ProBlogger! You are a lifesaver as I just wasn’t sure what the done thing was!! Very pleased also to hear that there will be no scoring on the ‘clothes’ effort! 😉 x

    • Robyna says:

      I am a hugger too! I realised that sentence could be misconstrued – I am actually a hugger worried about hugging non-huggers. I am sure you will look absolutely lovely – can’t wait to meet you in person!

  3. Krystal says:

    Love it!! I’m the one who started the ‘what to wear’ post on the FB page…. having never been to a conference like this I had no idea!! But it’s very clear… wear whatever you’re comfortable in… with a definite spin of I-can-finally-wear-white-becuase-my-toddler-won’t-be-putting-food-all-over-me!!! Thank you for clarifying the clothes vs. no clothes debate… 😀

    • Robyna says:

      I think that there will be so many different variations on outfits that no one could possibly feel left out. Unless they are naked.

  4. adamjclements says:

    Nice. One. Nice to see a little light-heartedness. We were approaching overload of chutzpah. Has anyone asked the men what they’ll be wearing? 😉
    Probably clothes huh!

  5. Tenina says:

    Priceless!! So glad my choice to wear clothes is a solid one. (And I’m not a hugger…at least until I know your google analytics stats….) ??

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