Happy One Year Birthday to the Mummy and the Minx

Today this blog turns one.

I am not going to regale you with what I have learned, or gained, or how blogging has changed my life. I might do that another day. Today I am going to reflect on things accomplished. Do something I never do – take a moment on this bloggy birthday to appreciate what has been created.

One Year


This blog isn’t the biggest or brightest star out there in the mummy blog wonderland. But it is a space that I am proud of. It’s a space that I think has big things ahead. Tomorrow I might dream those dreams. Today, I am just going to look at this small corner of the internet and think “I committed to this and I made it work.”  In amidst the busy-ness of family life and getting a business up and running, I made room in my life for something important to me. And it has paid me back ten-fold. Not in money, but in other things. In lessons and friends and creative satisfaction.

For those that have been here since the start, you will know that I didn’t start this blog alone. The gorgeous, funny and talented Sarah started this blog with me, 365 days ago. She let go of this blog for personal reasons and she is still writing over SarahGooley.com and you can catch some of her magic there. AND (cue slightly excited squeals) she will be over at the blog tomorrow sharing some of what’s been going on in her life.

Today, I am going to raise a glass to this little blog.

Cheers Ms Mummy & Minx – you have come a long way baby. Happy Bloggy Birthday.

Happy Birthday

Thank YOU for being here and being a part of this blog.
It means the world to me.


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