My dark, hot love affair

coffee, my love

I am in the midst of an affair. I know I should give it up. I know it’s not good for me. But everyone morning I wake and the desire is strong. Some mornings I am happy for it to be cheap, quick and dirty. Proffered from the Aldi coffee machine (because I am too tight for Nespresso).

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A day in the life of my social media

where does the time go?

This month I am concentrating on kerbing my social media use. Reclaiming my mornings is just one reason.

Here is what my morning with social media looks like:

Wake up. Shower.  Hesitate as choosing clothes. Am I doing a style dare at the moment? Is this going to be Instagram-able? Oh F* it, it’s too early and too cold too care.  

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The perils of upgrading a phone

old telephone exchange

This awesome vintage photograph was sourced from the State Library of Victoria’s digital image library.

I had been battling on with my iPhone 4s for a while. I remember when it was all shiny and new. One of the few 4s in captivity in Brisbane at the time. Ah, the perks of being in IT and friendly with our Telco rep. But gradually, over time, it faded and gradually crumbled. I mean that literally. This is how my phone looked in its last days:

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