Eleven signs you are creative and crafty

11 signs you are a creative person

This month, in the spirit of celebrating all things crafty, here are eleven signs you are creative:

  1. Your fingertips are impervious to pain – you don’t feel needle pricks or glue gun burns anymore.
  2. You think you have been busy creating for 10 minutes. You look at the clock and realise it’s been an hour and you are desperately late for something.
  3. Your house isn’t quite as neat as it could be. Not because you are very messy person, but sometimes projects take priority – both in terms of space and time.
  4. You buy fabric, even though you have plenty of fabric, and you know you won’t have time to make it all up. This also goes for craft magazines, patterns, paints, stationery and general crafty assortments.
  5. You have a Pinterest board full of creative ways to store your crafty materials. You don’t actually store anything that way.
  6. You get really, REALLY excited when you meet someone else with passions similar to yours and feel inspired talking about creativity.
  7. When you create you go into an almost meditative state – you feel calm, peaceful and happy.
  8. You see something you like. You think, “I can make that myself.” You end up spending twice as much, by making it yourself. But hey, it’s much more fun.
  9. People stop you in the street to ask you where you got that unusual piece from. You blush when you tell them you made it yourself. And then you feel particularly chuffed for the rest of the day.
  10. You get a bit twitchy if you don’t have at least one  (or two, or three, or fifteen) creative projects going at once.
  11. You truly believe every single person is creative – they just have to find it. Because you are creative enough to see the potential in everyone.

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Do you relate to any of those?
Any to add?

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