Being Creative with Fashion (with Philosophy Australia)

This clothes featured in this post were kindly gifted by Philosophy Australia.
All opinions are my own.

Fashion & CreativityI love the idea that you represent yourself through what you wear – that it is an expression of who you are. I think it can be quite a creative thing – putting together an outfit. An every day kind of blank canvas. 

The lovely ladies at at Philosophy Australia sent me two outfits. Without any adornment, they are beautiful pieces – basics that would fit into most people’s wardrobes.

But, once I add certain elements, style with a certain twist, they become MY outfits. They start to speak to who I am.

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I wanted to show you my take on being creative with fashion. With accessories and styling, but also changing up how you might traditionally wear something.

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Let’s start with a basic (and gorgeous) pant with a basic (and equally gorgeous) top. These pieces are from the current Philosophy collection and fall beautifully.  By themselves, they represent a clean and minimal look.

Weapon pant and Marine top

Philosophy Weapon pant and Marine top

Once I add a necklaces, hats and different shoes I start to inject some of my own personality into the outfit.

Layers are key to making an outfit. Nikki Parkinson of Styling You has this great rule in her book, Unlock Your Style: each extra layer adds an extra dimension. Every layer makes an outfit dressier. So the addition of statement necklace (this one is from Salita Matthews) along with a soft jacket and heels, lifts this outfit.
DSC01380 DSC01357

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This beautiful dress would be perfect for the office or a girl’s lunch date and is lovely just as it is.

Philosophy Clarity Dress

Philosophy Clarity Dress

I love the silhouette of this dress, but it is a little too dressy for every day wear. Solution? Pop a t-shirt over the top and you have a more causal (and still incredibly cute) look.  This trick works equally well with bustier-style dresses that you would not normally wear casually. You can pop a tulle skirt underneath for a fun and flirty fifties look. If you are into that sort of thing, you can get great petticoats from any number of vintage stores. If it’s not something you do all the time, you can fake it. I just used a dress up tutu from the party section of a discount store. ($8.99)

Keeping within that theme, I adore the rock-a-billy look but it’s not my every day gig. So my wardrobe doesn’t boast a number of vintage dresses. However, you can get a similar look with this modern take on that sillhoute. Again, pop a tulle underskirt under the dress, add a belt and some vintage style accessories, hair and makeup and you have a completely different look.

You know what I think?
Life is too short not to have fun with clothes.


You can learn more about Philosophy Fashion Australia
on their website and their Facebook page.

If you would like more information on any of their clothes,
you can contact them on 1800 612 608.

Philosophy Fashion Australia kindly gifted the items featured.
I was not paid to write this piece.  All opinions are my own. 

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Do you feel like how you dress is an extension of your creativity?


30 thoughts on “Being Creative with Fashion (with Philosophy Australia)

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    You look GORGEOUS! I wish I had your flair when it comes to styling the same outfit in different ways. The second pic adding the hat, necklace and white shoes really showcased for me what a little thought and simple variety can do for an outfit. I’d love to see more on how to inject your own personality on outfits. Beautiful clothes by Philosophy Australia. Xx

  2. Alison Lennard says:

    Thank you for showcasing my designs so beautifully Robyna – I love how you’ve styled the piece!

  3. vanessajrowse says:

    I absolutely agree – dressing is an expression of creativity for me too. A way to play with colour, styles and fabric every day. There’s lots of playing going on now with all this cold weather too! x

  4. Wendy from Beachstylemum says:

    I totally agree Robyna – putting an outfit together each day is a lovely dose of creative time for me! Those weapon pants are so gorgeous. Love them with the heels for a dressy look. And popping a tee over a fancy dress is such a great idea!! xox

  5. Emily says:

    Wow, is there anything you can’t do Robyna ? Seriously I love your style and the concept that how you dress is an extension of your creativity. With that in mind I am off to chuck out some clothes I don’t love anymore , because you are tight life is too short ! P.s I want those pants too.

    • Robyna says:

      There is PLENTY I cannot do – starting with cooking anything decent or making birthday cakes that look reasonable. Good luck with the clean out!

  6. Lisa says:

    Looking fab Robyna. I sort of struggle with my style because where I live at the moment (beach town) I look overdressed if I wear a dress. But I guess it is how you own it xx

    • Robyna says:

      My sister in law (who is the glammest person alive) also lives seaside and her friends often tell her at pick time at school “I’d wear that to a ball”. But she loves her heels and her dresses and she wears them anyway. Gotta love that confidence!

  7. Collette says:

    Lovely take on fashion Robyna. I recently watched the documentary Advanced Style – if you like fashion and consider it a form of self-expression, you should take a look. It was so inspiring! I loved your addition of the hat and the bright necklace – doing something just a bit different from the masses can make BIG difference. Nice one!

  8. Clare at Girl Fifteen says:

    What lovely outfits and so flexible. I love to add jewelry to a plain top, it makes such a difference. Keeping it simple is an important look too. I love how you styled and modeled all of the looks. I love to wear skirts and dressed in the summer, but in the winter I end up in jeans the whole time!

    • Robyna says:

      Thanks so much! In my neck of the woods it’s not too cold during winter so I like pairing long maxi dresses with jackets and boots when I get a bit over jeans. Accessories are awesome.

  9. Beth at says:

    That dress! Love it! I adore vintage silhouettes in dresses and indeed do have a multi-layer tulle petticoat for just such a thing. Now for someone to decipher the morse code print . . .

    • Robyna says:

      I didn’t even think of that! I wonder if it’s like those tattoos in non-Latin alphabets that actually say “Dave’s Laundry” rather than “Love and Peace”

  10. Dawn says:

    I love fashion too! It’s deceptively superficial but it signifies how you see yourself and how others will perceive you. I adore how you played with these gorgeous pieces. Looking good Mumma! Xoxo

    • Robyna says:

      I think it’s so much fun – how great is it to express yourself each morning? It’s not saving lives, I know that, but it makes me smile and it makes me smile seeing other people do the same thing.

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