Being creative and making beauty with kids

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I love creating things with my kids. Messy spaces, paint from here to there and smiles just as wide. If they are entertained for longer than it took to set up, I am happy. The goal isn’t really to produce something lovely or useful, it’s simply to get our hands dirty and enjoy the process. In fact, many times the end result is discretely relegated to the recycling bin. Every mum knows: you cannot keep everything.

As much as I love messy craft with my kids, it doesn’t satisfy my need to create something beautiful. So I put together a list that allows parents to create something lovely while crafting in parallel with their children.

Modelling Clay / FIMO

My son and I recently discovered modelling clay, which is one step up from play dough. It’s loads of fun to use and makes really cute cartoon style characters.

creativity with kids

Whilst the kids are busy with modelling clay, you can use FIMO to create beautiful organic form beads for a necklace. Here are some ideas.

Jewellery Making

How sweet are macaroni necklaces on string?  Whilst your children thread their masterpieces, you can use the FIMO beads you created to make your own.


These gorgeous FIMO necklaces were made by a clever local mum and donated to the school fete craft stall.


I love painting with my kids, but I don’t always love the results.
But sometimes a tricky tip from an ABC favourite can change all that.

We created this wave picture the other day, using Mister Maker’s instructions.
You basically place three blobs of paint next to each other: dark blue, light blue and white. Then repeat. Grab some cardboard and drag the paint up and over into a wave shape.


We loved this so much, we decided to make a larger canvas with more waves.


I liked it the way it was. But Master I was keen to add some fish (and surfers and water type pokemon and seaweed). Trying to convince a six year old that part of the creative process is understanding when you are done is fairly pointless.

I asked for some advice online and my brilliant friends came up with hanging temporary fish on line on the painting. Voila, we made some collaged fish from cardboard and magazines and hung them with fishing line. Now it’s not only a painting but an interactive toy.


Colouring In

There is something quite calming about colouring in. My boys favour colouring in pages featuring MineCraft, Star Wars, Peppa Pig and Slugterra. Whilst I am busy printing out their favourite characters, I print a few more grown up options for myself. You can find a selection here.



Kids love cutting up magazines and creating new pictures. Actually, adults love that too. Why not create a vision board or take a creative cue from the likes of the very talented Leaf and Petal?


Origami is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.
It can also be turned into interesting art work.
This collage of cranes lives in our living room.

creativity with kids

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 Do you have a favourite creative activity to do with your kids that satisfies your creative spirit, as well as theirs?


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