No-Buy Update: The shopping trip

the shopping trip

For the first time this year I went clothes shopping. Last Saturday I really stress-tested my commitment to my no-buy year.  My dear friend needed a few things for her wardrobe and wanted my help. Everyone has a super power and mine is an intimate knowledge of what stores are likely to stock what. I make a good shopping partner. Read more

New Trends. Old Clothes.

It’s getting cooler. You know, dipping below 20 degrees occasionally. The stores are full of new season goodies – boots, coats, long dresses, scarves and the promise of cozy, wintery times.

A new season is always exciting when you love fashion. What will the new trends be? What kind of lovely new things will people be wearing?

I am keen to be in fashion while being out of the buying loop. So I have a little problem – how can I adopt new season trends while not buying anything new?

Is that even possible? Read more

How to wear brooches

Brooches are the bench players in the jewellery box that don’t get enough time on the field. They are versatile and easy to wear, yet they tend to be forgotten about. Relegated to under-stated lapels and the odd cardigan. They want out people! They want out and fabulous!

How to wear brooches

Today I’m liberating the brooch and showing you a few cool ways to wear them.

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Brisbane Fashion: A glossary of terms

So it’s been a while since “Brisbane fashion” could be considered an oxymoron. After all, Easton Pearson called Brisbane home, our city mall boasts the same stores as you can find in Sydney and Melbourne, you can get a decent coffee any time of the day or night and the best style bloggers come from Brisbane. Not me. But this lady, and this fox, and this gorgeous woman and this stylin’ mamma, to name just a few.

Brisbane Fashion a glossary of terms

But there are some fashion idiosyncrasies particular to Brisbane that remain.

Here’s a glossary of terms to help: Read more