5 ways to wear a cropped top (when you think you can’t)

Remember when the cropped top was in vogue in the late nineties? My favourite outfit was a pair of baggy linen draw-string pants and a barely-there navy top. It showed off a huge expanse of tummy (toned and tanned back then) and the obligatory nineties belly button ring. I felt like the long lost white girl member of TLC.

Cropped is back but it’s definitely subtler. Barely a sliver of skin on display, if any. There are plenty of ways to wear a cropped top without showing tummy.

how to wear cropped

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How to make a fringed top

Normally my style is fairy classic with a twist. But there are times I like to venture into boho territory. I made this cute fringed top for my inner hippie. I am heading to a John Butler Trio concert at the end of the month. I think it will be perfect.

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