How to dress joyfully

I have just come back from a rare solo sojourn into town, a lunch coupled with a sneaky look into Zara and Uniqlo.  I browsed sales racks, new season offerings and a barrage of puffer vests – Uniqlo seems quite obsessed.

I also indulged in a bit of people watching.  A lady with short bright orange hair wore a striped orange maxi dress and a pair of orange feather earrings that grazed her shoulders. Another woman wore a short floral dress, boots and a garland of flowers in her hair.

how to dress joyfully

These women are flamboyant dressers and I love them for it. I love that kind of joyful style that encourages smiles all round. The absolute revelling in the creative power of dressing. The women whose fashion I admired had broken free of any of the shackles that can weigh us down when choosing our clothes. They chose for themselves. And I reckon they had a ball doing it.

But how do you get there? How do you get to dressing joyfully? Imagine if choosing your clothes each morning wasn’t a chore, but was something to look to forward to. 

Fashion is something I enjoy and for me, getting dressed in the morning feels more like dress-ups than a chore.

Here’s why I think that is …

  1. I have a playful attitude to clothes.
    At the end of the day — they are just clothes. If you wear something a bit fun or even little silly, it’s really not going to be a problem. If you make someone smile, or perhaps laugh, is that so terrible? If you want some tips on how to dress bravely, I have some ideas here.
  2. I have a few go-to outfits.
    I have a number of outfits in my wardrobe that I can just grab and I know they work. They don’t need ironing and they are the kinds of outfits that you can comfortably wear in lots of different contexts. My most versatile go-to is a maxi dress, which can be styled in a variety of ways and can be amped up or down with accessories.
  3. I only buy things I love.
    I bang on about this a bit. But I think it’s key. If you only buy what you love, you will only wear what you love. Don’t buy things because they are cheap or because you have been looking for hours and it will have to do. Do your eyes light up when you put it on? That’s the test.
  4. I know where things are.
    My wardrobe isn’t the neatest in the world, but I do have a system and I do know where I can find things. No-one needs the stress of trying to find a favourite dress that has gone AWOL.
  5. I am not afraid of accessories.
    Accessories are a great way to add some joy into an outfit. Statement necklaces and earrings are so affordable with the likes of Collette, Lovisa and Adorne offering an amazing range at low prices. You can safely play with trends by adding an extra layer to your outfit. Hats are another cute way to add your own quirky style. I love them but I know they aren’t for everyone.
  6. I have had a bit of practice.
    My beautiful mother in law owns a boutique and my sister in laws and I are often called upon to model at her fashion parades. Before you think this sounds glamorous, it’s generally hosted in a bowls hall and the average attendee is definitely more December than May. BUT we do have a lot of fun with accessories at these parades. Because we can be over the top in that situation, we often are. And what it leads it is a sense of comfort about stepping outside the box. So dress up — play in your wardrobe. Have fun.
I think this attitude to dressing can work whether you are into fashion or not. If you are more of a jeans and a t-shirt gal, buy the jeans and t-shirts that fit well and make you feel good. If you are most comfortable in black, find a few baubles to brighten your day. If you are between sizes and don’t want to invest in clothing, add a hat, funky necklace or witty shoes that make you smile. It’s less about fashion and more about finding the joy in what can be a mundane task.
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Do you like picking out what to wear in the morning?
Do you dress in a way that makes others smile?
Do you know why Uniqlo sells so many puffer vests?

26 thoughts on “How to dress joyfully

  1. Kit@lifethroughthehaze says:


    As always you look gorgeous!! Where did you get the dress/boots? Oh you also have an amazing backdrop!

    Some people (like you) just look gorgeous whereas I could be wearing the very same outfit and look stupid or that I’m trying too hard. I wonder if in part that simply comes down to confidence!

    Have a great weekend!
    Kit xo

    • Robyna says:

      The dress is Grab (from Myer) and picked up on one of their 75% sales racks a couple of years back. The boots are Jane Mercer and again, I picked them up post Winter on sale. I really think SO much of it is confidence and you have to feel comfortable. I think if you just keep adding small elements that you are comfortable with you’ll get braver and braver.

  2. Kez Unprepared says:

    I recently started to feel really blah with my ill prepared summer clothing. I took a little time to think about my autumn winter style and now the joy is back. It started with one new outfit that made me feel really refreshed, and now I know where I’m going with it – it’s fun! x

  3. dani @ sand has no home says:

    It is such good advice to only buy what you love, what makes you happy. I stringently apply the rule now. I always used to work in wholesale costume jewellery, so I was so spoiled for accessories.

  4. Collette says:

    I’d be really keen to hear about your wardrobe system – finding order is always on my ‘to do’ list! But agree – when I go to the effort of adding some ‘fun’ to what I’m wearing (or even just putting on a bright lippy, I always get compliments.
    Collette recently posted…The Summer Bucket List – A Follow UpMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      It’s pretty basic – seasonal items away when they aren’t being worn. Tops together in colour groups, with bottoms below, also colour coded. Dresses together, sorted by colour and height and occasion dressing in the wardrobe downstairs 🙂

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  6. Stace @ says:

    Love this. I was once told, if you wouldn’t buy it full price, don’t buy it on sale.

    I’ve followed that and now thankfully, have a wardrobe I 80% love.

    Love all these posts, keep them coming,
    Stace x

    • Robyna says:

      I think that’s such great advice. I’m a bit of a cheap skate so I don’t follow that rule exactly – but I absolutely only buy it if I LOVE it.

    • Robyna says:

      Just a few accessories and you’ll be so on trend 🙂 I love a blazer and scarf with singlet and jeans in winter – so polished!

  7. virginia sliedrecht says:

    When I feel really urk I go out and buy a hat or a handbag. Accessories are always in style.

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