Pimp your Instagram this Christmas

It’s the time for rest. Rest from work and pressure.

I may even rest my words for a week or two. But I will still be sharing all the good things on Instagram. I bet you will too. How can we help it when days are filled with sunny skies, beach views, gorgeous food and family?

Here are some easily accessible items that any serious Instagram user wants to have on hand during this time of year. Save them now. Take advantage of all the photo opps and never be stuck for an “instant” photo of your fabulous life. 

Empty Coffee Cups. You know will be drinking a few lazy cups of coffee. Don’t throw that cup away. Any good flat lay can be improved with the suggestion of caffeine and a few coffee related hash tags. A utilitarian white cup with black lid and a pretty floral one (if you can find one) are handy to have on hand.

Wrapping paper. Wrapped anything in cool, not necessarily Christmas related paper? Keep it for flat lay backgrounds. Keep an eye out during the sales to stock up.

Food Pics. There will be so much food. Prettily plated, outdoor dining with fabulous light. Take ALL the pictures. Store for later. #Latergram. Who’s to know really?

Old Tech. Getting a new phone from Santa? Don’t let the old one go to waste. Even phones that no longer work can still be used in your #hustle flat lays. Just pick up a cute phone holder in the sales and you’ll have everyone wondering just how many phones you own.

Inspo Quotes. Before recycling your old calendars and diaries, rip out out any pretty pages and inspirational quotes in hand-scripted writing. (I reckon there’s still a good year in that trend). Couple with your coffee cup and your old tech and you are well on your way to Instagram gold.

Pool Inflatables. Large swans and flamingos in a range of metallics seem to be the go this Christmas and they turn any pool into a Instagram dream. My tip is that they will all be deflated and forgotten about by Boxing Day. So lie on them. Put drinks next to them. Wear a few different swimsuits lounging nonchalantly next to them. Don’t forget the lipstick, sunglasses and friends. #Squadgoals Cute pool photos stocked.

Okay so I am being a bit cynical and tongue in cheek. #NotReally #WillDoIt #SoWillYou

There is an obsession in presenting perfection in Instagram. It’s no longer exactly instant share of life but a curated collection of images portraying the lives we want, not necessarily the ones we have.

Instagram is a cute, fantasy land, where we have a very narrow view into another person’s reality. And that’s okay. That’s kind of fun really. But I know that not everyone will have a happy, smiley Christmas filled with sunshine.

I know that for some people, Christmas will be painful and lonely. For a lot of people Christmas will be filled with sunshine moments and punctuated by aching and longing for those that cannot be around the festive table. Particularly those so recently gone. To all of those people (and one family in particular), I send a sincere bear hug and a stack of love.

I will take a little bloggy break from now until early in the new year. My boys will appreciate it. And in the end, it’s our family that is the most important. I’ll give the snatched time back to them for a few weeks and hug them a little closer.

I hope your festive season is merry and bright and your 2017 is full of joy.

2 thoughts on “Pimp your Instagram this Christmas

  1. Jenni from Styling Curvy says:

    I ‘actually’ recieved an inflatable pool float for xmas but have no pool, might have to take it to the beach or lounge in the back yard LOL. Personally the more curated the feed the faster I turn off an IG account, I need to see real. Not total ugly crap…but real.

    Merry Christams lovely x

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