Less in 2017


This time last year my feed was full of resolutions, gung-ho attitudes and promises that 2016 would shine bright.

Of course, 2016 limped to its finish line looking less than glossy.

It was a hard year from a world perspective. Things occurred that I do not understand and that, quite frankly, terrify me. We lost so many public figures. People we may not know but feel we know through their work.

At a personal level, 2016 was an a pretty good year. There were the usual peaks and troughs. More peaks really, with a range of fabulous experiences that I won’t soon forget. Thankfully, there were no personal tragedies. But I don’t think I will look back on it as the best or worst year in recent memory. Which has left me feeling pragmatic and realistic about 2017. I don’t think I am the only one. There certainly aren’t as many lofty resolutions hanging around the socials.

It’s interesting reading back on the resolutions I set earlier in the year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Every single year I promise myself these same three things. Space. Pause. Gentleness.

I promise myself ideals in the context of long summer days. Idle hours spent with my family. Where space and pause are aplenty.

Every year I fail to take that sense of calm with me into the reality of day to day life.

Things fall into proper perspective when I have enough distance. And so here I am again. Days with enough room in them to allow me to reflect. And here I am again, craving taking it all into the months that follow. Wondering how I might do that.

This year, rather than a commitment to do more, I am going to do less. The defining characteristics between this time of year and others are a shortened to-do list and the absence of pressure. From others and myself.

So this year, there will be less….

Less multi-tasking

Oh, I am as good at this as the next woman. But it does not serve me well. This year, I will concentrate on one task to its completion. That means focusing entirely on that task, not the next thing on my to do list.

Less hustle

It’s a popular thing right now – this idea of hustle. Working day and night with all your heart and soul on your passion project. I don’t want to work day and night. I want to work hard within a reasonable time frame and then dedicate the rest of the time to my family, friends and restoring myself.

Less comparison

Thief of joy and all that. I know it’s folly to use social media feeds as a basis of comparison, but I do it. And there is absolutely zero value in doing so. I want to try and direct that energy differently. Pour it into something that serves me better.

Less instant reactions

The other day my husband took a non-urgent business call, the options given were to get back to the person that afternoon or after the Christmas break. My husband immediately chose the latter. I would have called back within seconds. I need to learn to be able to do that. Not to jump immediately when someone requests something, but to understand that I can control those boundaries.

Less yes

I find it hard to say no. But this year, I am hoping to at least say “let me get back to you” and consider things fully before committing to them.

Less spending

Or at least more mindful spending. This year I intend to think a little more before I purchase. Not just on whether I want it, what impact buying has on the environment around me, whether I need it and what kind of example I am setting for my children.

In all of this, there is the idea of slowing down and being mindful. Which, I hope, in itself will create space.

Are you committing to less in 2017?

8 thoughts on “Less in 2017

  1. Kutira Bandte (SuperKombi) says:

    Love the idea of the ‘less’ year! Some years are for ramping up and others for slowing down. I felt dreadfully burned out towards the end of 2016 and still haven’t properly recovered. And after reading how destructive ‘fast fashion’ is for the environment and people in those countries where it is produced, I’m also ready to slow my spending to a more mindful pace.

    • Robyna says:

      It’s icky to think about but important, I reckon. It’s just that it’s easier to be good about it before you spot that gorgeous dress for under $15. I have SO many clothes that I really need to cut back this year and be sensible.

    • Robyna says:

      Oh thanks lovely. I am hoping for just less pressure on myself this year. Same amount of things getting done, just with less of the stress.

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