The things you REALLY need when you head back to office work

In last week’s style post I chatted about prepping my wardrobe to go back to corporate work. Today I thought I would let you in on the bits and pieces that I had to invest in. It wasn’t clothing.

What I really needed for work


After a stint away from office life my hosiery was looking rather depleted. It’s too hot for ‘hose right now in Brisbane. Instead I bought some of those low stocking socks that keep your feet fresh but themselves hidden. David Jones has some good ones.


My makeup has been either full-blown going out face (seldom) or very very minimal (most of the time). I had to replenish my foundation and primer. I also had to  stock-take more muted, daytime colours. And expiry dates. There was a fair bit to throw out. I’ll be using this ace tutorial from Gillian from champagne cartel for my base office face.

Phone cover

My phone definitely needed a corporate make over so I invested in pretty but professional new cover.


Pencil skirts are awesome. But they do require some subtle smoothing. Apparently. Didn’t require this pre kids but let’s not dwell. I headed to the January sales and made a beeline for the lingerie and the shapewear section.


While I’m busy planning the kids lunches, I realised I would probably want to take in my own. Perhaps not in a Pokémon lunchbox. Luckily most of the supermarkets currently stock insulated lunchbox options for grown ups.


I would have loved to have invested in a new Oroton bag but I figured I should probably wait a few pay cheques in. My hold-all (and I do mean that quite literally) is lovely but showing signs of fatigue. So I popped into Collette and picked up a bargain black tote for work and work only.

Hair Stuff

My hair is cropped within an inch of a pixie right now, so it doesn’t need much. But I did grab some sea salt hairspray to give it a little bit of gloss and hold. So glad that straightening and blowdrying won’t be a part of my morning routine.

Shoe Polish 

I am encouraging my school kid to take care of his shoes by polishing them every Sunday.  I’ll keep my back shoes, belts and bag spick and span and the same time.


Okay, personal grooming standards didn’t drop below deodorant level, but I have found a travel sized stick to be a handbag essential. After a morning hustling the kids, a quick refresh is a must.

Coffee Cup

I don’t want to be the person in the office who nicks other people’s mugs. I remember those people weren’t thought of fondly. So I have my wonder woman cup at the ready.


No-Buy Clothing Update

So far, so good. I have not succumbed to buying any clothing.
First month done. Biggest tip so far is just avoid the stores.


These were my outfits for the past week:

Have you returned to office work after a break?
Any little things you forgot?

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