When no buy gets hard


when no buy gets hardI’m heading to the mid way point of my no buy year. To date, it’s been easier than I had expected. I avoided temptation, steered clear of the stores, refused online shopping and all had been well. My wardrobe served as my little shop and I was feeling quite smug about it all.

Then the season changed.

I wrote a bit about handling new trends in a minimalistic way here.

The advent of cooler weather has meant two things. One, the people around me are starting to wear the new clothes I am deliberately shunning.

And two, my old winter clothes are breaking out of hibernation. But rather than greeting me as an old friend, they are mocking me. Refusing to do up. Jackets are sitting more snugly, pants are tighter than I remember.

This is not good. Summer should be the season of slim and winter more forgiving. Everything has gone topsy turvy and my penchant for flowing dresses has resulted in weight gain I hadn’t really noticed. I don’t weigh myself so my clothes are my barometer of size. Maxi dresses are terrible barometers appearantly.

I shall not be breaking my ban for the sake of accommodating a few kilos. Absolutely not going to happen. While I work on working out, my winter wardrobe is going to have to rely heavily on dresses and tights. My pants (which I love) will have to (temporarily) act as goal posts.

So far, so resolute. Seeing all the new clothes in the wild is harder.

The other day I had breakfast at a trendy spot with my family. I prentended it was still summer in a favourite striped dress. Those around me where adorned in cropped jeans, slouchy boots and buttery jackets. I’m quite used to seeing a look and being able to recreate it within my existing wardrobe. The access to vast resources part of the reason behind my no buy year.

But I didn’t quite have the pieces to echo all the looks around me. I have started to realise that without a few corner stone new season pieces, I won’t be able to copy cat so easily. There will be street styles I cannot replicate.

Which is really part of the process. Making do with less. Being okay with my style rather than an ever revolving/revolving one.

Although I am eyeing off a new pair of shoes. The idea was no new clothes. I though that would be a much more realistic commitment than not buying any fashion items at all. But I haven’t actually bought any shoes either. It’s just been easiest to avoid shops all together. Although the lure of a pair of metallic brogues or moccasins may prove too much. Lucky my birthday isn’t too far away. I fear the list will be quite long.

Are you are struggling with a no-buy commitment?
What do you when you full the pull of a purchase?

2 thoughts on “When no buy gets hard

  1. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    I admire your resoluteness (if that’s a word)! I have struggled with the change of season (not that I was in a no buy phase – just generally). I’ve wanted to buy EVERYTHING. I think it comes from having a few years lost in the wilderness fashion wise. I had to ‘make do’ with very few stylish things for a couple of years and struggled to put outfits together every day. So I told myself I needed to build things back up and stop being scared to treat myself. In the last few weeks I fear I’ve gone the complete opposite and now have put myself on a shopping ban for a little while! Oops!

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