Finding your fashion crush

finding your fashion crush

It’s been an exciting week. Not only did the new season of Offspring hit our screens but I got to write about it. The lovely Nikki from Styling You is presently sipping Mai Tais and shopping up a storm in Hawaii. As they don’t get Offspring in that part of the world, she entrusted me with writing the debrief. You can read the post here.

I’m also helping out on the Styling You Facebook page and there’s lots of questions about matches for Nina’s clothing and accessories. Nikki was the first blogger to really catch on to Nina’s style and make it accessible to her readers. So she has pretty great insider information.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to source various Nina outfits over the interwebs. So how do you do that? When you see something on a celebrity or on Instagram that you instantly covet – how do you find the information that will make it yours?

Here are my tips on finding your fashion crush … Read more