The Style Challenge – #WardrobeGames

The Wardrobe GamesThis month I am getting all sartorial and putting my style blogger hat on (a straw trilby I should think). I look forward to sharing my favourite style bloggers, shops, tips, projects, tricks and inspiration. And just for fun: the Wardrobe Games. Get set for a stylish ride! Read more

September Challenge: The Inner Minx

16-My daughter, the Magnificent Miss M, turned 1 at the end of July this year. I can honestly tell you that from the moment M entered the world until she was about 11 months old, motherhood for me was totally consuming. Sleep deprivation, breast feeding issues and M hating the car, all culminated in me becoming a self-doubting and anxious mother. I had moments, sometimes days of confidence but it wouldn’t take much for my confidence to be undermined and I’d be back at ground zero again. I didn’t come up for air it seemed until the 11 month mark. Read more