What is social media doing to our hearts, minds and imaginations?

What is social media doing to our Hearts Minds Imaginations


A few years back, I picked up a book called In the Shallows. I had read Nicholas Carr’s article Is Google Making Us Stupid?, and the author’s concerns mirrored my own. Was I losing my attention span? Was I finding it hard to consume information unless it was cut up into bite sized pieces? Was I craving validation through social media? Was I becoming a slave to the little device with the blinking light?

To be very clear, I love the internet and I think it’s more positive than negative. I also think that it needs to be managed carefully. I think it’s something we need to think about, talk to our kids about and I know I need to be more mindful of my use.  Here are some of my concerns and observations about the way social media and the broader internet is changing our hearts, minds and imaginations.

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Healthy Social Media Habits + a Plan + Free Printables

This month I am focussing on the thing I spend a lot of time worrying about and not enough time doing something about: my social media and phone use. I love social media but I need to introduce healthy social media habits. My favourite social media is Instagram and my friend recently told me that you can buy real Instagram likes so I might check that out!!

Do you remember when mobile phones were just phones? And that was amazing? I remember those early models, big as shoe, clunky as hell and more status symbol than anything else. I remember when we used to regard those early adopters with suspicion – wanker phones we used to call them. Then we all got our own: indestructible brightly coloured Nokia bricks, with nothing more than a primitive game of snake to keep us entertained at bus stops. Smart phones happened and within a few short years the mobile phone that could access the internet became ubiquitous. Every man, woman and increasingly younger child has one. We are always on, always available, always plugged in. And I have to wonder if that’s such a great thing. Read more