How to make a sandy, Easter bunny

Easter is around the corner and along with it ALL THE CHOCOLATE. We are trying to steer away from a pile of sugar that will last well into July. So a cute alternative is making Easter-ey gifts without all the tin foil.

This little sand bunny is easy and fun to make. The squashy sand means that the kids can play with the shape of it. You could even make a large one to act as a door stop. Nothing like a useful bunny.  Read more

Advent Calendar Ideas (that don’t cost a lot)

advent calendar ideas

My son is desperate for a Lego advent calendar. At $39, I can’t do it. But by the time I waver I’m sure it will be sold out.

There seems to be a trend towards increasingly expensive advent calendars. For both kids and adults. If you’d been quick enough, you could have bought a $499 Diptyque advent calendar. This trend has caused me to reflect on the whole advent calendar tradition. I love the idea of a countdown to Christmas. I also think there are plenty of ways to do it, without breaking the bank or losing a sense of wonder.

Advent calendars date back to the mid 1900s with one of the first ideas being the advent wreath. Lighting a candle each evening as Christmas approaches. I still think that’s a beautiful idea.

Here are some other advent calendar ideas. (That don’t cost the earth) …   Read more

How to run a school craft stall

How to Run a School Craft Stall

During this month of creativity, I have been very busy sewing, gluing, painting and generally having a lovely time making things. My mum and I have sewed and chatted together. I have cherished those moments. I have been amazed by the cleverness and generosity of others. My dear friend and I have been able to collaborate, lean on each other’s strengths, and build something amazing together. I have had ideas at silly o’clock in the morning and been unable to sleep.

Yesterday, all this work came to fruition in the form of the school craft stall.  Read more