How to make a sandy, Easter bunny

Easter is around the corner and along with it ALL THE CHOCOLATE. We are trying to steer away from a pile of sugar that will last well into July. So a cute alternative is making Easter-ey gifts without all the tin foil.

This little sand bunny is easy and fun to make. The squashy sand means that the kids can play with the shape of it. You could even make a large one to act as a door stop. Nothing like a useful bunny. 

What you need

  • Scissors, embroidery thread and needle
  • Felt
  • Plain fabric scraps
  • A tiny amount of poly-fill for the tail
  • Clean sand (you can get it from Bunnings)
  • The pattern below (click to download the PDF)
  • Sewing machine


What to do

  1. Download and print the pattern
  2. Cut the “face/body” twice from felt, the ears twice from felt and twice from fabric, the tail once from fabric
  3. Embroidery the face on however you like. This gives the rabbit it’s personality so go crazy. If you are using lighter coloured felt, you can even try putting a little make-up blush on the cheeks – this can look super cute.
  4. Sew one fabric ear piece to the felt ear piece, with the fabric facing the wrong way. Leave the end unsewn so that you can turn it inside out. Repeat so that you have two ears. I made one slightly longer so that I could fold it down – but you don’t have to.
  5. Sew the ears onto the top of the bunnies face, with the fabric facing inwards.
  6. Sew the two face pieces together, leaving a large gap on one side and making sure that you avoid the ears. The gap should be about 2cm up from the corner of the lower seam.
  7. At the bottom seam, squash the seam so that you can sew down either corner, creating a box shape in the same way explained in this post.
  8. Turn inside out and fill with sand.
  9. Close the gap with needle and thread.
  10. Loosely thread around the edge of the circle of fabric for the tail. Place some poly-fill inside and close it up and sew to the back of the bunny.
  11. Enjoy your bunny


Any Easter craft planned at your place?

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