What to wear anywhere – dress codes decoded

dress codes

Dress codes can be tricky. They weren’t always.  Once upon a time black tie meant tuxedos for men and full length ball gowns for women. Cocktail meant a dress cut just above the knee for ladies and suits for the gents. Nowadays, these two codes can mean anything from “please don’t wear thongs” to “dress like you would for the Oscars“. And that’s if you are lucky enough to get a conventional guideline. I’ve had invitations with no dress code and coded dress codes. You know the type. Dress like an English garden. Dress to impress. Causal lounge circa 1976. Patio chic. It’s very hip. It’s not very helpful.

How do you choose what to wear when the options are so open? There are three go-to outfits that I can rely on for pretty much any occasion.

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