The School Parents’ Creed

The School Parents Creed - the Mummy and the Minx

The school year is nearly upon us. The kids are ready. The parents are ready. The books aren’t quite covered yet.  My family are very lucky to be part of a warm and welcoming school, and am so thankful for the wonderful parents that surround my boys.

This year, I promise to live by the School Parents Creed. Read more

The importance of tradition and rituals

When I think about my childhood and adolescence,this is what is etched into my memory: 

  • Sitting at our dining room table and eating breakfast and dinner together, as a family, almost every day.
  • Driving to Brisbane for Christmas Holidays and staying with my mum’s parents and great grandmother. HUGE Christmas days with my Dad’s enormous family and alternating smaller ones with my Mum’s family.  Read more